Cancer Diets: Switching to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

You have been diagnosed with cancer and you have to fight to live.  You have many choices and one of them is to start a healthy diet and heal yourself naturally.  

There are so many choices and you are not sure which way to go. You feel like a pig on the way to the butcher shop with no way out, but then you see this pink ribbon on a calendar.  It is October and it is Vegetarian Awareness month.  

You stop and think and you decide that starting today October 1st, World Vegetarian Day you will make a change and have a new lease on life.  Funny how Vegetarian Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness is in the same month.

You will join the march for a change and you will be free.  You will dedicate your life to becoming healthier and to switching to a  vegetarian lifestyle plan.  You will no longer eat meat and be part of the people who cause millions to be tortured and abused.  You are free and you are definitely going to be healthier than you ever have been before.  There is no better way to start your cancer diet program than right now today.  The best day of your life begins today when you make the commitment to switch to a plant based diet.

What is the Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?

We all know that former President Bill Clinton switched to a vegan diet and lost 30 pounds and saved his life, but how does his diet differ from a vegetarian diet? Vegetarians do eat meat, chicken or fish, but they do eat dairy and eggs.  Vegans abstain solely from any animal products including honey and eggs. They also do not wear any animal products such as leather.  Being vegan is much harder than being vegetarian.  Vegetarians live longer and have less incidence of cancer and heart disease and tend to live longer than meat eaters.  So when you are looking to cure your cancer, look towards a vegetarian lifestyle.  Look at the 7th Day Adventist Diet and statistics showing they live 20 percent longer and have less incidence of disease.

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Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian

There are many reasons to become a vegetarian and the best way to start is slow replacing your high fat and high protein diet with a healthier plant foods.  You can replace your meat protein with beans, nuts and avocados.  You can eat more salads, fresh organic fruits and learn how to cook sensibly.  Vegetarian meals are delicious.

Vegetarians are 40 percent less likely to get cancer and heart disease.  This figure is based on the assumption that you are eating healthy.  You cannot eat tons of chocolate, sugar and breads and expect to avoid cancer.  The best cancer diet is void of all dairy, sugar, white flour and white.  Rice.  You can have yogurt if you are eating the Budwig mixture with yogurt.  Dairy is one of the main reasons for cancer and second only to sugar as the main cause of cancer.

Vegetarian meals are cheaper and easier to prepare.  Now that you are not buying meat, you can shop for organic fruit and vegetables.

Meat, chicken and fish are expensive and loaded with toxins and antibiotics that only plug up your system.  Many livestock are fed GMO corn and you are told it is a vegetarian animal.  The soil is now depleted of 90 percent of its nutrients, so healthy grass fed animals are nearly impossible to find.

You are less bloated and have less abdominal problems with an easy digesting diet.  Meat and rice will remain in your stomach for up to three days causing many digestive problems.  Fruit digests immediately or within a few hours.  Remember to limit your fruit when you are on a cancer diet.

Slaughter Houses are Inhumane

Millions of animals are butchered daily to feed the public. They have families and they have babies.  They are separated from the babies and they are killed inhumane.  By switching to a vegetarian diet, you have saved one more animal from dying just to feed your belly.

How to Start a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Having cancer will motivate most to go on a strict diet to live, but for some the addictions of a normal life is overwhelming.  Sugar, cola and coffee addictions are real and for some a gradual plan is best.  Eat vegetarian one day and the next eat a light protein meal.  Then eat vegetarian two days in a row.  If you can go without sugar four days in a row, you can be sugar free. Remember to limit high sugar fruits because first they feed  your cancer and second they are not healthy.

You can order a Vegetarian Starter Kit 

Plan  your meals ahead of time and shop for the food you need and only that. Get rid of everything not on your diet, such as cookies, sugar, white flour, white rice, colas and meats.  Don't eat anything packaged; make everything fresh.  If  you are too weak from your cancer, then consider ordering your meals from a delivery service, such as Meals to Heal.

Meals to Heal

One of the new promotions that supposedly helps people with cancer is a promoted "Meals to Heal." This is not a new concept as delivering meals to dieters is being done all across the US now. Their mission is to make your life and your family's life easier and less stressful. People who are sick are more likely to snack rather than prepare healthy meals.  Whether this company is able to provide you with the exact diet you need is still questionable?

They will deliver balanced meals based on the Mediterranean Diet plan and you have to do nothing but enjoy.  The cost is $8 a meal which means you are spending $24 a day or $720 a month.  They claim that this plan will help you heal. You can choose 100 percent vegetarian meals.