Cancer Diets: Switching to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

You have been diagnosed with cancer and you have to fight to live.  You have many choices and one of them is to start a healthy diet and heal yourself naturally.  

There are so many choices and you are not sure which way to go. You feel like a pig on the way to the butcher shop with no way out, but then you see this pink ribbon on a calendar.  It is October and it is Vegetarian Awareness month.  

You stop and think and you decide that starting today October 1st, World Vegetarian Day you will make a change and have a new lease on life.  Funny how Vegetarian Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness is in the same month.

You will join the march for a change and you will be free.  You will dedicate your life to becoming healthier and to switching to a  vegetarian lifestyle plan.  You will no longer eat meat and be part of the people who cause millions to be tortured and abused.  You are free and you are definitely going to be healthier than you ever have been before.  There is no better way to start your cancer diet program than right now today.  The best day of your life begins today when you make the commitment to switch to a plant based diet.

What is the Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?

We all know that former President Bill Clinton switched to a vegan diet and lost 30 pounds and saved his life, but how does his diet differ from a vegetarian diet? Vegetarians do eat meat, chicken or fish, but they do eat dairy and eggs.  Vegans abstain solely from any animal products including honey and eggs. They also do not wear any animal products such as leather.  Being vegan is much harder than being vegetarian.  Vegetarians live longer and have less incidence of cancer and heart disease and tend to live longer than meat eaters.  So when you are looking to cure your cancer, look towards a vegetarian lifestyle.  Look at the 7th Day Adventist Diet and statistics showing they live 20 percent longer and have less incidence of disease.

Read: The 7th Adventist Diet

Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian

There are many reasons to become a vegetarian and the best way to start is slow replacing your high fat and high protein diet with a healthier plant foods.  You can replace your meat protein with beans, nuts and avocados.  You can eat more salads, fresh organic fruits and learn how to cook sensibly.  Vegetarian meals are delicious.

Vegetarians are 40 percent less likely to get cancer and heart disease.  This figure is based on the assumption that you are eating healthy.  You cannot eat tons of chocolate, sugar and breads and expect to avoid cancer.  The best cancer diet is void of all dairy, sugar, white flour and white.  Rice.  You can have yogurt if you are eating the Budwig mixture with yogurt.  Dairy is one of the main reasons for cancer and second only to sugar as the main cause of cancer.

Vegetarian meals are cheaper and easier to prepare.  Now that you are not buying meat, you can shop for organic fruit and vegetables.

Meat, chicken and fish are expensive and loaded with toxins and antibiotics that only plug up your system.  Many livestock are fed GMO corn and you are told it is a vegetarian animal.  The soil is now depleted of 90 percent of its nutrients, so healthy grass fed animals are nearly impossible to find.

You are less bloated and have less abdominal problems with an easy digesting diet.  Meat and rice will remain in your stomach for up to three days causing many digestive problems.  Fruit digests immediately or within a few hours.  Remember to limit your fruit when you are on a cancer diet.

Slaughter Houses are Inhumane

Millions of animals are butchered daily to feed the public. They have families and they have babies.  They are separated from the babies and they are killed inhumane.  By switching to a vegetarian diet, you have saved one more animal from dying just to feed your belly.

How to Start a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Having cancer will motivate most to go on a strict diet to live, but for some the addictions of a normal life is overwhelming.  Sugar, cola and coffee addictions are real and for some a gradual plan is best.  Eat vegetarian one day and the next eat a light protein meal.  Then eat vegetarian two days in a row.  If you can go without sugar four days in a row, you can be sugar free. Remember to limit high sugar fruits because first they feed  your cancer and second they are not healthy.

You can order a Vegetarian Starter Kit 

Plan  your meals ahead of time and shop for the food you need and only that. Get rid of everything not on your diet, such as cookies, sugar, white flour, white rice, colas and meats.  Don't eat anything packaged; make everything fresh.  If  you are too weak from your cancer, then consider ordering your meals from a delivery service, such as Meals to Heal.

Meals to Heal

One of the new promotions that supposedly helps people with cancer is a promoted "Meals to Heal." This is not a new concept as delivering meals to dieters is being done all across the US now. Their mission is to make your life and your family's life easier and less stressful. People who are sick are more likely to snack rather than prepare healthy meals.  Whether this company is able to provide you with the exact diet you need is still questionable?

They will deliver balanced meals based on the Mediterranean Diet plan and you have to do nothing but enjoy.  The cost is $8 a meal which means you are spending $24 a day or $720 a month.  They claim that this plan will help you heal. You can choose 100 percent vegetarian meals.

Can You Cure Cancer with a Butter Sandwich in Two Weeks? - Fact, Fiction or Quackery

Kelley Eidem, author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer," has written many hubs on how to cure cancer from asparagus to butter sandwiches.  His first hub claimed that making a butter sandwich with habaneros peppers can cure stage IV cancer in two weeks for less than the price of a movie.  This claim is probably more fiction than fact.

There are numerous people on the internet trying to make a fast buck off of what they call, "cancer cures."  They invent some out of this world "so-called" cancer cure and take a few ingredients known to have cancer-fighting ingredients and come up with the best selling hype known to man.  Kelley Eidem's Stage IV Cancer Cure using habaneros peppers, butter, fish oil and Ezekiel Bread is one such undocumented and yet to be proven cancer claims

I have talked to Eidem and was impressed with him at first and like many had hopes in his very convincing tale of curing cancer.  I then critiqued his protocol more and made my own version of what he is promoting only to find out that the sandwich did not cure cancer and at best made me hope for a miracle. 

Eidem opened a forum on Curezone and was there only for 5 months trying to sell his books.  More and more doubted his protocol and so he just closed his forum without word one or even a goodbye.  He was looking for someone who had cured their cancer with his remedy and at that time there was only one man who had a slight improvement in his condition.  

He had created a hub to promote his claims and had many people who wanted to believe.  My updated version of his yet unproven butter sandwich did help cancer victims, but in no way did it cure anyone's cancer. So is it possible to cure cancer with a butter sandwich in two weeks? I doubt it very seriously.

Here is his recipe:

  • Grate one habaneros pepper each day, putting it on bread. (Kelley Suggests Ezekiel bread)
    Grate two cloves of garlic each day, putting them on bread.
  • Smother the grated garlic and habaneros peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type can be used.

He suggests you eat this sandwich for several days and walah your cancer will be gone.  He also wants you to take 1-2 Tablespoons of Emulsified cod liver oil each day.

According to Eidem "Twin Labs makes some wonderfully flavored cod liver oil. I used the cod liver oil because I was not losing any weight or dealing with fluid retention. If I had either of those conditions, I would have used evening primrose oil instead of the emulsified cod liver oil.
That's it!  Krill oil can be used and may be a better substitute than cod liver oil."  (This statement was made prior to the Japan Nuclear Disaster).

First of all on a cancer diet, oils are to be avoided and especially any type of fish oil.  With the Japan disaster all fish is contaminated with radioactive poisoning. 

He does say he used Ezekiel Bread and could not recommend any other type of bread, but again I question his whole scenario and so-called cancer cure.

I created my own version of his unhealthy butter sandwich and he claimed my recipe and my client was helped through his stage IV cancer cure, which was not the case at all.  He seem to be grabbing for straws here to prove that his remedy had validity.

My Version

What I did was to use labane, which is drained yogurt of the whey instead of butter, 3 to 4 garlic cloves, not 2.  No cod liver oil at all and I made my own cancer curing bread.  My bread had all the good elements to cure cancer such as oregano, Nigella sativa, broccoli and good quality cold pressed olive oil.  It also have olive leaf powder, sesame seeds and more.  Now how he could claim my sandwich was his remedy is beyond me.

Here is my bread recipe: Homemade Healthy Wholewheat Bread

Can a Butter Sandwich Cure Cancer?

In my opinion this butter sandwich cannot and will not cure cancer.  If you try my version though, it will help to open up your veins, improve your immune system and help jump start a protocol based on common sense with Nigella sativa, a healthy diet, exercise, lots of sunshine and supplementation.

The "so-called" cancer cure has been ripped apart by many on the internet and they, like I insist that curing cancer is not one-prong, but a many faceted protocol.  This is no more than a fad or a possible freak cure that helped one or two.  Before you trust this butter sandwich, look for the educational studies proving its validity.

One site stated this, "I,  together with some other doctors have actually had considerable dialogue with Kelly Eidem over the years, mainly relating to his  claims about Revici (“The Man Who Cures Cancer “).   He should by now have some comprehension of all the ways in which treatments can look like cancer cures when they are not, and why such claims are worthless unless there was a definite diagnosis of cancer in the first place. 

It thus seemed incredibly mischievous of him to be now making such grandiose claims on so little substance.   I even considered  whether there may be someone else behind this, such as a sceptic wanting to demonstrate how easy it is to establish a new cancer fad. 

On further thought Eidem’s behaviour probably is consistent with the poor level of medical knowledge that he has shown in the past, and he has always dismissed anything that does not fit in with his own understandings as arising from bad faith or conspiracy."

In Conclusion

I am sure Eidem had hoped he had found a gold mind with his butter sandwich and paying the rent these days is important, but for anyone with stage IV cancer, I suggest you seriously look at reliable cancer cures that are proven, researched and well documented.

Stage IV cancer is the last stage before death and for anyone to suggest that eating a sandwich will cure  you is beyond ethical.  I highly suggest you read my article on Stage IV cancer cures which I reviewed and critiqued: Stage IV Cancer Cures

In the end maybe he would be better off promoting his asparagus cancer cure.

Grandfather Cures Cancer with Barley Grass, Selenium and Apricot Seeds

In April 2012, Alan Taylor, 78, was told by doctors he had incurable cancer and that his colon cancer had spread to the small intestines.  

In August of 2012 Alan Taylor received notification that he was cancer free.  Amazingly Alan Taylor had beat the odds and with his simple and very inexpensive life changing diet, Alan was now cancer free.

Alan Taylor had under gone an operation which was suppose to let him be cancer free and just as I have warned people in the pass, that cutting or operations may cause the cancer the spread.  That is exactly what happened to this elderly grandfather.

But due to his faith in God and his ability to search on the internet, he is now cancer free.  All praise and glory to God. Alan searched for the best cancer cures and devised his own plan.

What was Alan Taylor's Diet?

Alan Taylor's products were from the UK, so we will substitute local highly recommended products for you to obtain.  His regime consisted of:

His diet consisted of 10 assorted fruits and vegetables daily.  You can handle this in a green smoothie and a large salad.  He ate no meat and no dairy and although the article does not list dosage amounts, I suggest you follow the recommended amounts from the manufacturers.  

Barley Powder and How Alan Taylor Cured His Cancer

Barley powder is not a new or surprise ingredient.  Prophet Mohammad instructed his followers to take barley when they were ill and in fact to increase the wellness, it is suggested you add in Swiss Chard.  Bill Henderson also suggests you use a barley powder in his well established protocol.  He suggests that you use Supreme Green Plus Barley Powder. 

Alan Taylor placed one teapspoon in a cup of hot water and drank this tea morning and before sleeping.  I myself mix barley with lufft, which is the dried leaves of the luffah scrubbers, known to cure cancer in the Middle East.

Read: Luffa leaves used to treat cancer in the Middle East:

Laetrile Treatment (Apricot Seed Powder)

There are many success stories from people using just laetrile or apricot pit kernels. The usual recommendation for prevention is around 5 to 7 over the course of a day. For actual cancer cases use 2 to 3 times that. Some say one kernel for every 10 lbs of body weight. For maintenance after a cure, go back to 5 to 7 per day.

Some laetrile therapists have patients use vitamin B15 tablets and digestive enzymes such as papaya's papain and pineapple's bromalene. Too many apricot pit kernels can create nausea or dizziness. There are no recorded deaths or disabilities from the apricot seeds or laetrile, however. 

Although some success has been recorded with patients undergoing conventional therapy and using laetrile, it's not recommended. Eventually most of those who combine the two get off the chemo or die anyway.


Was Alan Taylor's plan something special or a gift from God? Alan's diet consisted of common sense, specialized knowledge of others and a healthy diet.  In my opinion, the only thing he was missing was Nigella Sativa.   Nigella sativa has been proven to cure cancer with more than 250 case studies.  If you have incurable cancer, I highly suggest you do more than just drink barley powder.

How Does the So Called "War on Cancer" Convince People that Natural Remedies are Wrong?

Is there a war on cancer or is it the biggest farce created ever for gullible individuals to collapse when they hear that awful "C" word? Years ago when I was growing up cancer was the biggest fear and we were all raised to believe people cared.  

Millions of people started fund drives to cure cancer and we all believed that cancer would be cured in our lifetime.  Then HIV/Aids came into existence and cancer cures were put on the back burner.

We saw Elizabeth Taylor and many other famous stars come forward to fight for the battle of HIV/Aids and sadly neither cancer or HIV were cured.  Millions and millions were dying, but still there was no answer.

I went with my partner in Real Estate to the funeral of her ex-husband who was gay.  I saw a tiny man who had lots of hate around him.  People hated him for what he did to his family and my friend Elisa Sandoval who had two children had more hate than anyone I had ever seen.

This disease not only destroyed the man lying in the coffin, it destroyed the family he once had.  People chastised her for leaving him and they hated her for separating the family, but the truth was it was not Elisa's fault for a man in disguise.

As the years passed, Elisa and I went our separate ways, I still felt the hate in the nation.  People hated the word gays and lesbians and they hated that people were dying, sick and they were frustrated that there was no apparent solution in sight. The world was in major chaos and no one knew how to stop this vicious cycle. Was there ever going to be a cure or was the "so called" war on cancer a farce?

Sickness Sells

If you have cancer, you will go to the doctor and the doctor will cash the huge check he gets from large hospitals and pharmaceutical giants.  He will convince you that your only choice is chemotherapy and radiation and wait you need MRI's, testing, biopsies and more.  

He tells you, "Don't worry ma'am your insurance will cover the entire bill."  You are then fed the "bull story" that if you do not rush to do this that you will die a horrible death.  The word cancer causes fear in a nation that wants to live.

Even the healthiest person in the world will run to a chemo dripr when the world cancer is mentioned.  Even though you swear on your mother's grave you will never admit yourself to the hospital, most will and then you will be part of the conventional system.

Natural remedies do not make doctors rich and there is no money in this type of cancer cure.  Natural remedies are based on wholesome food, natural herbs and no one is giving giant kick-backs to people using natural remedies. So you have the war of the world begin and the government and its entities are now outlawing the one cure that works, "Mother Nature."

How Does the War on Cancer Convince People that Natural Remedies are Wrong?

So sadly with the war on cancer being a farce and more and more switching to natural treatments, pharmaceutical giants are reverting to under-handed tricks also.  They are bent on convincing you that the treatment centers that are not honest represent the whole lot of natural treatment cents.  So this is what they do:

Suppress alternative cancer treatments and persecute those who advocate such treatments - The FDA, AMA and even the American Association of Cancer join in together to persecute any treatment that seems to be a threat.  More and more small websites are being threatened to discontinue offering these natural treatments or face jail terms.  Recently Google quit giving detox websites any Adsense payouts.  Day after day we see many small mom and pop farms being shut down and lord help the people selling raw milk.

Brainwash the public to believe that chemotherapy, radiation,and surgery (the “Big 3”) are the only options to treat cancer. Ok now the big 3 have you worried and it is your choice to choose what is being offered or look at an unconventional way of healing.The doctors are trained to force feed you the imperative need to choose the big 3 though.

Advertise and sell traditional cancer treatment.As stated above it is the job of the medical mafia is to  trick you into taking their very expensive treatments known to kill you in 5 years or less.  Statistics show that people who take conventional treatments with chemotherapy have a 2.1% chance of living 5 years or more.  Read the bottle of the Chemotherapy medicine which plainly warns of secondary cancers.

According to Medicine, "Most people have no serious long-term problems from chemotherapy. However, on some occasions, chemotherapy can cause permanent changes or damage to the heart, lungs, nerves, kidneys, reproductive or other organs. And certain types of chemotherapy may have delayed effects, such as a second cancer, that show up many years later. Ask your doctor about the chances of any serious, long-term effects that can result from the treatment you are receiving (but remember to balance your concerns with the immediate threat of your cancer)."

Natural Doctors and Authors Labeled as Quacks

When I was investigating protocols, I found a number of famous cancer experts labeled as quacks on Quackwatch and other websites, large and small.  I was shocked with why they were labeled quacks:
  1. Doctor recommends you don't follow conventional healing methods that never work.
  2. Doctors recommend you have faith in God.
  3. Doctors recommend you use natural herbs.
  4. Doctors recommend you eat sensibly and forgo pharmaceuticals.
That would mean I am a quack too, because that is exactly what I recommend.

Your Choice - Your Life

The big day has come and you must make a decision.  You have just been diagnosed with stage I breast cancer.  Your family is frightened and your husband is screaming he does not want you to die.  You look at everyone and say, "My choice - my life."  Nothing is that easy, but it is your choice.  Here are some things to consider:
  • Natural remedies are less expensive than conventional methods, but may not be covered by your insurance carrier.
  • You must change your way of living with diet and exercise. There is no magic pill.
  • Success rates are higher with natural remedies if the protocol is done correctly and the cancer is caught in time.
  • There are little or no side effects with natural remedies. 

Deceptive Websites Offering Life Saving Natural Cancer Treatments

Books of Knowledge or Deception
Cancer is a big business and it brings in tons of money to the author, doctor and website. Ask me? I write a lot on cancer to inform the public and to make money also. The CPC rates on cancer, especially Mesothelioma Cancer are very high.  

In fact the CPC rates on Mesothelioma Cancer are some of the highest ever next to mortgage, insurance and lending.  So it only makes sense that some natural cancer treatment websites resort to underhanded and illegal activities.

Recently I started reviewing the top stage IV natural cancer protocols. Read: Stage IV Natural Protocols

The more I delved into these protocols, mine included on Nigella sativa, the more I found deception, trickery and outright inefficient treatments.  At first I wondered if this was just one or two of the programs, but then I started seeing  a pattern and even some of the largest websites ever on natural medicines and their recommendations showed faulty information. 

I have based my protocols on government studies and known remedies for years and yet new protocols were popping up promising people to be healed of cancer, if you only buy this book.  People would set up a Face Book page or a Yahoo group and convince thousands that their miracle drug was the perfect solution.  I began to question how people could be gaulible and their was only one reason for this.  People wanted to live.

Natural Cancer Protocols with Flaws

I saw a pattern involved in these protocols which did not make sense.  Some wanted to list every supplement in the world to cover all bases, like the Tony Isaacs Protocol and some wanted to list as few as possible like the Bill Henderson Protocol.   Some wanted to sell you a book and some did not want to talk to you at all about questions on the protocol, unless you paid for their counselling.

I saw some supplements suggested with no mention of side effects like in the use of Beta Glucan suggested by Bill Henderson and Ty Bollinger of Cancer -- Step Away from the Box and then I even saw one very angry poster on the internet today who posted Ty Bollinger's entire $30 book for free. Ty now lives in Canada I understand to avoid persecution and I began to wonder if the person posting his book for free was a government entity?

I have seen some cancer books with 400 or more high ratings that were not near as good as some lesser priced protocols and I have seen high priced supplements being sold that could have cost people to mortgage their home.  In the end was fear, greed or stupidity driving the nation of natural suppliers?

I also began to realize that cancer is a big time business and every time we convince you to go natural, another bottle of chemotherapy sits on the shelf that could have been sold for a few hundred thousand dollars. So we have some not so happy "fat cats" getting thinner.

So the medical mafia goes into action and some of the best protocols are no longer available or destroyed just for the pure sport of succeeding. How does the Medical Mafia scare you into complying with their demands?

Read: How Does the "So Called" War on Cancer Sway People from using natural remedies

How Do You know the Truth About Cancer Protocols?

When you are choosing a protocol you must choose the one that best fits your needs.  I don't like oleander, so will never use that, but I do like the supplemental program  

I like Budwig, but would never do Bill Henderson's protocol, due to him changing the Budwig program and his vastly insufficient supplemental program.  I do realize Mr. Henderson wants to be the cheapest protocol on the stage IV circuit, but I have enough knowledge to realize that stage IV cancers need to be attacked with a vengeance.  So how do you choose a program that will not fail?

1.  Knowledge.  You cannot choose a cancer program based on a few top selling books.  I have read many testimonies where people chose the top selling books and combined the protocols and walah they are born again cancer survivors. DAAAAA! You need to read case studies and government ones on the success of a program.

There was a study done on Bill Henderson's protocol which showed he had a 12% success rate, but he claims he has a very high percentage with helping more than 8000 people recover.  The study stated positively that Bill changed the Budwig program and this may be a reason for the failure.  

174 people out of 700 got to feeling better, 2 died, some got worse and 73 were healed.  Check the facts before choosing.  Bill's program has the cheapest cost, but in my opinion they are not sufficient.  He does list a large amount of other supplements at the bottom of his protocol, so it appears that his supplemental program is the cheapest.

The Tony Isaacs Protocol shows an 85 to 95% success rate, but when you look at the testimonies, you find there are less than 10% reported cured.  Now it is possible some were cured and never reported? Daaaa if I was cured of cancer, I would want to scream it to the roof.  Tony Isaac's supplements come to $618 a month, plus the oleander at a cost averaging $200 per month for a total close to $1000 a month if you include the Budwig supplies he suggests. 

Ty Bollinger is an accountant with no real medical background and his book contains a lot of pretty photos and tons of information on medical mafia, but information on cancer diets and fitness are lacking.  I found the Tony Isaacs book to be more informative on how to be well of cancer with his indepth talk on what causes cancers and how to change.

The Budwig Center wants you to come for 3 weeks to their center at a cost of $15,000 plus air fare and expenses and when you leave you must buy their supplements. They have an abbreviated Budwig also.  You can do an at home program if your money is short with prices starting at $1200 to over $4000 and then you must buy additional supplements.

The Gerson Protocol seemed to be straight above the board, but was also the protocol with the lowest reported successes.  They claim they have a 50% success rate across all boards. The main prolems with their protocols is the difficulty involved.  Doing coffee enemas several times a day and so much juicing has forced many to fail on the program.  They are now requesting all who do the program to go to a supported facility.  They are also one of the most expensive protocols and a long list of supplements are required also.

2.  Don't Combine Lousy Protocols with Good Protocols.  Now combining Budwig with a protocol is not combining two protocols.  Almost all protocols, including mine, suggest Budwig. But what I don't like is an abbreviated Budwig or going against her principals, such as adding fish to the diet plan.  So don't use the oleander protocol and Bill Henderson's diet.  Choose one protocol that fits your needs 90% of the way.

3.  Consider the Costs.  When looking at total cost for any program, research the entire program and ask questions. My big fault with Bill Henderson Protocol is there is no way to contact the man.  You must sign up for his counseling sessions at a cost of $200 to ask any questions about the supplements or program.  So if you buy his book and pay for the counseling and then you discover the program is not for you?  Bill Henderson is a very rich guy.

I noticed on that the cost of cancer programs were not exactly what the true costs were.  According to the Tony Isaacs Protocol cost $60 per month and you must buy his book. The truth is the program cost nearly $1000 per month.

4, Ask for References.  The best way to find a successful protocol is by seeking the truth. Ask your neighbors, your friends, check the internet, watch the news, etc.  Don't decide on a protocol based on an ad selling a book with pretty pictures.

Which of the Top Programs Work the Best?

Well mine of course and it is the least expensive and has government studies, more than 250 to back up what I am saying. But lets look at some protocols based on my opinion.  Keep in mind that these articles are based on my very strict review process.

1.  Cheapest and Best Program:  Nigella Sativa - except if you have Stage IV cancer.  Then Nigella sativa can only improve the immune system.

2.  Best overall Program.  The Tony Isaacs Protocol minus the oleander.  I do not like oleander and cannot approve that.  His supplemental, diet, Budwig and of course he includes Nigella sativa, smart man as a total protocol costing around $700 per month without the oleander, Thank God!

3.  Second Cheapest Program for Stage I and Stage II - Bill Henderson's program is a good starter program but by far is not good for stage III and IV.  The only way to be successful on this program is with Bills Coaching program.

4.  Most Expensive Programs.  The Gerson Protocol and the Budwig Center are the most expensive programs,  but The Budwig Center does have the most expertise and comes with a very high tract record of success.  The owner of The Budwig Center was a personal friend to Dr. Budwig and has a ton of information to share. 

5.  The High Politics Book.  Although Ty Bollinger sold a lot of books, knowing about the medical mafia may help you choose to go natural,  it is definitely not my favorite book to choose a proper protocol.  Cancer patients need a set protocol, Bollinger's book list many treatments, but not a set protocol to follow.  His supplements are extremely expensive and most not even available at Amazon. Now who does not list their products at Amazon, lol.

All natural treatments are skimmed over with just a page or two of information and not enough details on diet and nutrition.  I did love Webster Kehr's analogy of curing all disease on his website.  His wife gets diabetes and he tells her "so."  He tells her to go to his website and learn how to be diabetes free.  I love that fact that his website is built on hard core faith.  Bravo Webster.

6.  Best Natural Website.  My favorite website in the past was, but I have not liked the inaccuracies I saw on some of these protocols.  It could be the owners of the protocols did not report accurately to the owners of the website, but either way in the end it is the responsibility of Cancer Tutor to check on the information supplied.

Read: The Breast Cancer Deception


There is no perfect protocol and no perfect lecturer or teacher of cancer. I have learned in my life that you live by your ethics and you die by your ethics. 

 I cannot say if my assessments are correct totally, only that they are my opinions and for me that is good enough.  I suggest that you take everything into account and like in Real Estate, don't sign with the first pretty face who shows you a lolly pop.

Why do People Fail on Natural Cancer Protocols?

Fifty percent of people who attempt natural cancer protocols will fail (on average).  Why is this true if reported percentages from many cancer protocol books and websites are much higher?

 People fail because they do not know how to follow the protocol correctly and try to cut corners, use less than suggested supplements and fail to exercise and get enough sun.  

Sometimes the failure comes from authors, doctors and websites promising more than what they can deliver.  Trying to sell books, authors may try to sell a protocol as an easy way to cure cancer. There is no easy way to cure cancer and you must realize that your life is at hand and you may have just one chance to do it right.

I started investigating cancer protocols and found that some of the largest natural alternative websites are not telling the truth.  

Statisitics are fabricated, costs are reduced from what is really needed and ratings of protocols are based sometimes on friendship, money incentives and bribes.  I do believe that some websites may be duped into believing less than the truth. There are many cut and paste websites spreading what they deem to be the truth also.  One bad website can spread the wrong information and that information may spread like fire.

It is imperative that you understand the truth about healing and the possibility of survival.  This article will give you some simple tips on how to live after your cancer diagnosis and how to evaluate a true healing from a fabricated promise of healing.

How to Succeed on a Cancer Natural Protocol

1.  Education.  "Cancer Does Not Scare Me Anymore," Dr. Lorraine Day.  A famous quote by an author of alternative treatments -- You Can't Improve on God!  

Why doesn't cancer scare her anymore? With knowledge come power and with enough knowledge you do not have to be afraid of any disease.  W. Webster Kher tells about his wife coming home with diabetes and he very calmly tells her, "so." 

 He tells her how to cure diabetes is on my website along with a cure for any disease if you just will follow.

If you will just follow? This is the main concept of any protocol. There are many protocols available that WILL cure cancer, but people will try to use inferior or cheaper supplements, not buy a book because they know it all and then try to combine protocols. 

So I don't like Bill Henderson's diet, so I will substitute what Lorraine Day says to eat and then maybe take a few of Bill's supplements. This is not how curing cancer works.  First you must educate yourself on several protocols and choose the one that is perfect for you.

"We must be willing to take the time and spend the energy to educate ourselves and take responsibility for our own health-today! Prevention is the key.but if disease should strike there is ALWAYS an answer and ALWAYS hope." 
--Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, HHP, CH

2.  Buy the Book.  Yes you have to buy the book even if it cost $100.  Buy the book first and learn what you need to learn in detail.  Although an author, like myself may write a few good articles on the blog, you need to know the entire protocol and every bit on information you can find.  

Talking to Joe Blow on the local cancer support forum is not good enough.  You get 20 different opinions from common everyday people who do not know the protocol and they are giving their best estimate.  If someone starts out with "Well my aunt died from cancer," run very fast. You do not want to know someone's personal opinion, you want to know true statistics and true knowledge.  Buy the book please.

3.  Go to a Clinic or Pay for Personalized Service.  It is impossible for you to know everything on your own.  Gerson requires you go to their clinic, The Budwig Center requires a minimum of two weeks in their hospital or an in home course, Bill Henderson offers a coaching program and it is mandatory for stage IV cancer patients.  

Tony Isaacs has a Yahoo group and support forums for his protocol (I cannot endorse oleander) but his set up for help is good. I have websites, forums, Face Book pages and Twitter pages full of information in addition to having multiple types of books on the subject.

4.  Follow the Plan Completely.  Bill Henderson states, "While you might think that "cheating" on your cancer diet by 10% would only affect the effectiveness of your treatment by 10%, such is not the case with this protocol. The cancer patient must be fanatical about sticking to the diet, as it is an integral part of the treatment." 

Don't waiver from the protocol and don't ask people in a cancer forum about Black SEEDS.  I have never ever read anywhere about anyone not happy with Nigella sativa and believe me I do a lot of researching.  I am very honest with people with the effect it will give also.

5.  Don't Combine Protocols.  Some protocols include multiple protocols such as combining Budwig with Nigella sativa or Tony Isaacs Oleander protocol with Nigella sativa and Budwig.  But if you choose a protocol to follow, don't improvise.  Follow the plan or find a plan you can follow.

6.  There is no Cancer Cure without a Cancer Diet.  If anyone tries to tell you that you can take mushrooms  and can eat like a pig, keep on walking.  You must be on a strict diet along with a good protocol.  

All cancer diets forbid red meat, sugar, milk (Budwig allows cottage cheese or quark), white enriched flours, coffee, sugary sodas and high sugar fruits.  

Did you know 70 cups of coffee will kill you? Well on a cancer diet a lot less than that can increase your cancer likelihood.  Eating organic is suggested, but not required.  Juicing is also a part of any cancer diet, especially with carrots and beets.

7,  Exercise and Sunshine are Required.  Did you know that sitting in a dark room with no sunshine and no exercise is like drinking coffee with 10 spoons of sugar? You must get outside and have some fresh air and feel the sun on your body.   

Avoid the sun during the danger hours (10am to 2pm) but you need some sun.  Exercise at least 30 minutes a day and exercising on a mini trampoline is suggested to move lymph and decrease your cancer cells.  Read: Rebound on a trampoline to flow lymph and fight #disease:

8.  Water is Needed!  You cannot drink soda, store bought juices and energy drinks.  You must drink as much water as you can.  Dehydration is as much of a problem as eating the wrong foods.  You need to hydrate your cells and refresh your inner soul.

9.  Supplements Needed.  Many protocols will suggest additional supplements. DO NOT skimp on cheap supplements hoping to save money.  Buy the best supplements you can afford or at the very least buy the ones suggested by the doctor or author of the protocol.   Look at the ratings.  If you purchase from Amazon, look to see how other purchasers rated the products.

10.  GOD and Faith!  The basis of my healing has always been with prayer and guidance.  Some people ask me how I knew how to heal my problems and others and it is always the same answer.  I asked God!  

If you have faith then you do believe that there is an answer for everything, but there are so many protocols and how do you choose the correct protocol?  We are humans, but God knows everything.  With every disease that has been sent down, there is a cure.  Believe with all your heart that you will be healed.


There are more than 100 cancer protocols and there are thousands of supplements and there are thousands of stars in the sky.  Choosing a natural cancer protocol takes time and it takes patience. 

 Educate yourself, look for referrals and then look for educational and government studies on the efficacy of the cure.  These are your most reliable guidelines. 

There are a lot of authors promising you the world, but the best cure is the one that has been studied and proven to cure cancer. 

To read more on stage IV natural cancer cures: Read Here

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Stage IV Cancers Healed Naturally without Chemotherapy

As a prior cancer victim, I can tell you that there are many types of cancers and some cancers, like the stage IV cancers have been ignored for years. 

 It is easy to put in your mind that these signs will just go away or some type of virus in the air, but as the toxins increase and the body becomes ravaged with tumors, the cancers spread.

You cannot die from a cancer tumor, you can die from chemotherapy and when the tumors spread to other organs.

Original cancers are not near as bad as secondary cancers.  Sometime cancer cells will hide when the person is treating cancer and retreat to another part of the body and return to the original site of the cancer, once treatment has been finished, such as in tumor reseeding.

Once the tiny tumor cell implants itself again and has a chance to spread, the secondary cancer is much worse and more difficult to cure.  Let's remember Tammy Faye Baker.  Her breast cancer was cured and then she came down with lung cancer which killed her eventually.

This is why it is imperative to keep up the cancer protection for years and why when we are looking at actually surviving cancer, we look at five year rates, not just cured of the disease immediately.  Both chemotherapy and the drug given to breast cancer survivors and others called tamoxifen may cause secondary cancers.

These secondary cancers usually spread quickly and thus we have stage III and stage IV cancers.  Stage IV is considered the final stage of cancer, such as what Michael Douglas had with his esauphagus cancer, but really stage V cancers are the last stage.

In this article we will delve into the strongest cancer therapies around.  Some I will endorse because of what worked for me and some will be mentioned from statistics and educational knowledge provided.  In the end you will have to choose what suits your pocketbook and  your lifestyle. 

Stage IV cancers are the most expensive because you must act quickly and directly and this is your last chance to survive.  You cannot use delayed emotions and stuff this problem in a drawer like you would a bankruptcy notice.  You must act now.

Step One - Improving the Immune System

Understand the cycle of cancer.  First cancersous cells literally steal glucose from non-cancerous cells and by doing this cause fatigue and causes what is called the "lactic acid cycle" in your body.  So when treating any cancer you must work hard to get rid of cancerous cells and build up the other non-cancerous cells.

Most cancer patients are weak and have lack of appetite.  This lack of appetite causes them to not want to eat properly, much less the boring juices and foods necessary to sustain the body.  Once the patient goes one or two days without eating properly in stage III or IV, the cancersous cells have a chance to cause more damage, spread faster and destroy what good cells are left.

Chemotherapy does the same thing.  Chemo destroys what good cells are left, including the cancersous cells and after the chemo treatment is done, the body is so weak and may not recover as predicted.  Warning labels on chemotherapy predict secondary cancers, but yet cancer patients are so frightened and convinced that chemo is their only salvation, that they will forgo danger signals and go for the single most powerful thing that will kill you.  

Suzanne Somers stated that Patrick Swayze did not die of pancreatic cancer, he died from chemo.  No truer statement can I repeat today.

Read: What is Cancer?

So how can you Build up your Immune System and Live Better? 

First line of defense is Nigella Sativa. Nigella sativa is not a stage IV treatment that will work alone, but it is a very strong way to improve your immune system with more than 100 nutrients and vitamins.  Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin and black seed has been proven to cure pancreatic cancers 82% of the time, highly successful in colon, breast and prostate cancers also.  So when dealing with any cancer, use Nigella sativa three times a day along with garlic.  Fresh garlic is best.

Do not believe those articles on Natural News or other health places that tell you that you can improve your immune system with simple herbs and garlic.  These are not strong enough for stage IV cancers.  You need something to attack your system strong and keep it working in perfect condition. 

Supplemental Program for Stage IV Cancers

A good supplemental program by a well known cancer expert that is very complete.  It is not cheap, but it will heal your cancer, heart disease and most major illnesses.

1.  N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
2.  Iodine - Isaacs says it is a must.
3.  Inositol/IP6
4.  A Good Calcium and Magnesium Supplement
5.  Curcumin
6.  BloodTonic
7.  Cayenne Pepper tincture s
8.  Black cumin oil -
9.  RM-10, a proprietary blend of 10 mushrooms by Garden of Life
10.  Vitamin B-17
11.  Colloidal Silver - Another Must in His Opinion:
12.  Fucoidan, which is found in brown seaweed    
13.  Chaparral
14.  Bromelain
15.  Myrhh - 10 ml
16.  Pancreatic Enzymes/Digestive Enzymes
17.  Grapeseed Extract
18.  CoQ10
19.  Essiac tea
20.  Pau d'arco
21.  Andrographis , nettle leaf - bladderwrack  and black walnut hull

And more, he states: "Make sure you have plenty of iodine, selenium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin D."  So iodine, magnesium, calcium with vitamin D3 is in my list above. So he wants you also to have vitamin C , selenium  and potassium  

The supplements and oils come to $615.88 and that could be needed monthly.    Now some of the supplements will last longer than one month. What is not included here is the budwig protocol items such as flax seed oil and seed.  I recommend the Budwig protocol on any stage of cancer.

Many Recommendations for Bill Henderson's Protocol

Bill Henderson is well known for his reasonable priced protocol using an abbreviated Budwig protocol with a few supplements, which Henderson states will cost $5.15 per day.  There have been countless testimonies using his cancer protocol, like Margaret Bremel who beat her ovarian cancer.  Margaret is vastly against chemotherapy.  She wrote a book called The Cancer Odyssey: Discovering Truth and Inspiration on the Way to Wellness

Bill Henderson recommends:
If you have stage IV cancer - A must is his helping hand. For less than $200, Henderson will explain his program in detain.  Sign up Here

The Budwig Center Protocol

Another stage IV alternative is the Budwig program.  Not just a regular program but the actual in house program or at the very least their home study program with supplements.  Stage IV cancers are in the final stage and it is imperative you seek the best.  One week at the Budwig center cost $6000 and the recommended 3 week protocol cost $18,000.  The at home programs start at $1200.   To contact the Budwig Center. Website

Programs Recommended by Cancer

A website recommended for alternative therapies has their own recommendations also:  They recommend some of the ones I do above and also:

Kelley Eidom Stage IV Cancer Cure

I think one of the biggest quack diets on this planet is the Kelley Eidom Stage IV diet.  I pray that people never depend on this diet solely for the cure of their relative.  This diet alone is and can be part of a cancer diet protocol which I use all the time, but can never be used alone.  I remember when I first met Kelley.  He seemed like a nice gent, but I soon dissolved all ties with him.

Read: Can You Cure Cancer with a Butter Sandwich in Two Weeks? Fact, Fiction or Quackery.


The end of this very long article has arrived and I am sure you are confused and wondering which protocol is the best.  This subject needs prayer and lots of prayer and guidance from the one who knows best.  I suggest you consult your family and explain to them that you are going to choose a natural protocol and ask for suggestions. Look at your pocketbook and then decide. All these programs are very good.  I pray that your journey is easy and peaceful and I pray that you will pass on the news to others that there is life after cancer. 


All Parts of my Series: The Cost of Cancer