Can You Cure Cancer with a Butter Sandwich in Two Weeks? - Fact, Fiction or Quackery

Kelley Eidem, author of "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer," has written many hubs on how to cure cancer from asparagus to butter sandwiches.  His first hub claimed that making a butter sandwich with habaneros peppers can cure stage IV cancer in two weeks for less than the price of a movie.  This claim is probably more fiction than fact.

There are numerous people on the internet trying to make a fast buck off of what they call, "cancer cures."  They invent some out of this world "so-called" cancer cure and take a few ingredients known to have cancer-fighting ingredients and come up with the best selling hype known to man.  Kelley Eidem's Stage IV Cancer Cure using habaneros peppers, butter, fish oil and Ezekiel Bread is one such undocumented and yet to be proven cancer claims

I have talked to Eidem and was impressed with him at first and like many had hopes in his very convincing tale of curing cancer.  I then critiqued his protocol more and made my own version of what he is promoting only to find out that the sandwich did not cure cancer and at best made me hope for a miracle. 

Eidem opened a forum on Curezone and was there only for 5 months trying to sell his books.  More and more doubted his protocol and so he just closed his forum without word one or even a goodbye.  He was looking for someone who had cured their cancer with his remedy and at that time there was only one man who had a slight improvement in his condition.  

He had created a hub to promote his claims and had many people who wanted to believe.  My updated version of his yet unproven butter sandwich did help cancer victims, but in no way did it cure anyone's cancer. So is it possible to cure cancer with a butter sandwich in two weeks? I doubt it very seriously.

Here is his recipe:

  • Grate one habaneros pepper each day, putting it on bread. (Kelley Suggests Ezekiel bread)
    Grate two cloves of garlic each day, putting them on bread.
  • Smother the grated garlic and habaneros peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type can be used.

He suggests you eat this sandwich for several days and walah your cancer will be gone.  He also wants you to take 1-2 Tablespoons of Emulsified cod liver oil each day.

According to Eidem "Twin Labs makes some wonderfully flavored cod liver oil. I used the cod liver oil because I was not losing any weight or dealing with fluid retention. If I had either of those conditions, I would have used evening primrose oil instead of the emulsified cod liver oil.
That's it!  Krill oil can be used and may be a better substitute than cod liver oil."  (This statement was made prior to the Japan Nuclear Disaster).

First of all on a cancer diet, oils are to be avoided and especially any type of fish oil.  With the Japan disaster all fish is contaminated with radioactive poisoning. 

He does say he used Ezekiel Bread and could not recommend any other type of bread, but again I question his whole scenario and so-called cancer cure.

I created my own version of his unhealthy butter sandwich and he claimed my recipe and my client was helped through his stage IV cancer cure, which was not the case at all.  He seem to be grabbing for straws here to prove that his remedy had validity.

My Version

What I did was to use labane, which is drained yogurt of the whey instead of butter, 3 to 4 garlic cloves, not 2.  No cod liver oil at all and I made my own cancer curing bread.  My bread had all the good elements to cure cancer such as oregano, Nigella sativa, broccoli and good quality cold pressed olive oil.  It also have olive leaf powder, sesame seeds and more.  Now how he could claim my sandwich was his remedy is beyond me.

Here is my bread recipe: Homemade Healthy Wholewheat Bread

Can a Butter Sandwich Cure Cancer?

In my opinion this butter sandwich cannot and will not cure cancer.  If you try my version though, it will help to open up your veins, improve your immune system and help jump start a protocol based on common sense with Nigella sativa, a healthy diet, exercise, lots of sunshine and supplementation.

The "so-called" cancer cure has been ripped apart by many on the internet and they, like I insist that curing cancer is not one-prong, but a many faceted protocol.  This is no more than a fad or a possible freak cure that helped one or two.  Before you trust this butter sandwich, look for the educational studies proving its validity.

One site stated this, "I,  together with some other doctors have actually had considerable dialogue with Kelly Eidem over the years, mainly relating to his  claims about Revici (“The Man Who Cures Cancer “).   He should by now have some comprehension of all the ways in which treatments can look like cancer cures when they are not, and why such claims are worthless unless there was a definite diagnosis of cancer in the first place. 

It thus seemed incredibly mischievous of him to be now making such grandiose claims on so little substance.   I even considered  whether there may be someone else behind this, such as a sceptic wanting to demonstrate how easy it is to establish a new cancer fad. 

On further thought Eidem’s behaviour probably is consistent with the poor level of medical knowledge that he has shown in the past, and he has always dismissed anything that does not fit in with his own understandings as arising from bad faith or conspiracy."

In Conclusion

I am sure Eidem had hoped he had found a gold mind with his butter sandwich and paying the rent these days is important, but for anyone with stage IV cancer, I suggest you seriously look at reliable cancer cures that are proven, researched and well documented.

Stage IV cancer is the last stage before death and for anyone to suggest that eating a sandwich will cure  you is beyond ethical.  I highly suggest you read my article on Stage IV cancer cures which I reviewed and critiqued: Stage IV Cancer Cures

In the end maybe he would be better off promoting his asparagus cancer cure.