9 Capsules a Day of Black Cumin Cures Boy of Brain Cancer

This is a wonderful testimony for Nigella Sativa.  

Keep in mind that children heal quicker than adults and we always recommend the best oils to be used-- 

While other oils are OK, buying the best is always recommended especially with brain cancer or any cancer.

Below is a testimony posted from a boy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

"Unfortunately cancer is such a terrible disease no one wishes for even his enemy. Fortunately their is hope for a cure. 

I will briefly explain a case I personally heard about. It's happened that a family was desperate for their about 12 year old son's cure from brain cancer. 

They unintentially came across my husband in trying to find someone who might have any clue as to what might help, since they tried everything but to no avail. 

He advised them to try Black Seed oil(Nigella Sativa). They didn't have anything to lose since they were giving up hope in saving their son. 

So they tried it, by taking 3 capsules ever meal, so that's 9 total a day. I forgot to mention that he had a lazy eye due to his condition. 

His eye started opening up the first week of trying this remedy. Anticipating, the adolescent continued his routine appointment and astonishingly Dr. tested him and amazingly found him to be cancer free. 

The total time it took for this remedy was a month and a half. "

Let's look at the way he took Nigella.  First he took it on a full stomach which is not correct.  He should have taken them on an empty stomach and second he is taking less than what is suggested.  

The suggested amount for other success is 3 teaspoons a day or 1 tablespoon.  Each capsule has 1/4 teaspoon and so he was taking 3/4 teaspoon at each meal.

The correct way to take Nigella sativa is 1/2 hour before breakfast, in the afternoon and before sleeping.  

I am not trying to belittle this accomplishment, but for any who have brain cancer or any cancer, please take the Nigella as I suggest.  If you want to take capsules make sure you have a very good quality of oil from a reputable company. 

 Many companies are buying their capsules from a subsidiary company.  This is why I always suggest using the oil.  First you can be more sure what type of oil you are ingesting and be more sure that no additives are included.

Brain Cancer Success Rates

To look at the success of this 12 year old boy lets look at the real picture. First he beat the odds tremendously by relying on a natural remedy.  

Brain cancer has a very low 5 years success rate. Brain cancer remains one of the most difficult to cure and here is a quote from http://www.braincancersurvivalrate.org/

"The brain cancer survival rate depends a lot on the age of a patient and the older a person is, the lesser are his brain cancer survival rate

Healthline.com states that there is a 73% brain cancer survival rate in children who are aged 14 or less. This brain cancer survival rate drops to around 55 percent for those who are between the ages of 15 to 44. 

Patients who are between the age-bracket of 45 to 65 have a brain cancer survival rate of 16% while those who are older than this have a brain cancer survival rate of just 5%."

Government Studies on Nigella Sativa and Brain Cancer 

There have been numerous government studies done on the effect of Nigella and cancer.  Pancreatic cancer studies have been in the news numerous times but there are studies showing the effect of Nigella sativa on brain tumors.  

One study you can see here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2920825/?tool=pmcentrez&rendertype=abstract

For the layman who does not understand all this technical lingo, understand that "cell cycle arrest and apoptosis" refers to cell death or in other words killing cancer cells. 

Some studies suggest Nigella in combination with chemo, which I am very much against but this study states, "Collectively, these data suggest that thymoquinone could be useful as a potential chemotherapeutic agent in the management of brain tumors."

This means you are jumping up and down and screaming now.  A true natural cure that can be used instead of chemotherapy and radiology.  

Although the boy was in the higher survival rates of 55% for children under the age of 14, he is still a miracle. 

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