Can Cabbage Slaw Really Shrink Cancer Tumors?

Over and over again we read that people are curing their cancer naturally.  Just today I received an email where a woman posted on Earth Clinic (The 3rd Top Alternative Health Site on the Web) about her husband eating coleslaw daily to cure his pancreatic cancer.  Here is what she stated:

"Also regarding my husband's prostrate cancer: His prostrate tumor seems to be shrinking since he started a raw fresh cabbage diet as well as juicing. I make fresh coleslaw daily for him. As he found a study of rats with prostate cancer whose cancer either shrunk or totally disappeared with raw cabbage in their diet!

My husbands PSA reading went from a 9 to a 6! After about 2 to 3 weeks of eating the coleslaw everyday!"

Amazing how the eating of coleslaw everyday cured her husband's tumor.  Now remember she said fresh coleslaw.  This does not mean heavy laden mayonnaise and such.  When we speak of natural coleslaw, we mean lemon juice and some spritzing of olive oil with some spices.

Cabbage is known to be full of vitamin C and here we have proof that this simple vegetable aided in the shrinking of tumors. 

What benefits are in cabbage for Cancer?

Although cabbage is great for cancer prevention as proven by the 475 studies that has been done on this cruciferous vegetable, it also has more benefits.  It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is an antioxidant and is rich in glucosinolates.

Cabbage is high in Vitamin C and contains more vitamin C than oranges. Eating cole slaw alone is not enough to cure cancer alone. It is part of a diet program that will aid in the eradication of this disease though.  You will notice the quotation above stated juicing and eating cole slaw.  So a diet that is raw with juicing, as with the Gerson Diet is best.  This man had pancreatic cancer, one of the worse cancers one can be diagnosed with.  Many pancreatic cancer patients have had the disease for many years and by the time it is diagnosed it is in the late stages, thus making it very difficult to cure. 

 How to prepare Cabbage

Cabbage is best eaten raw, but if you must cook then light steaming or short cooking is the way to keep most of the nutrients in cabbage. If you should long cook cabbage such as in soup, you will lose all the nutrients necessary to treat cancer.

Steaming is excellent opposed to microwaving.  Microwaves should be thrown in the trash in my opinion.  Do not give this to your neighbor as you are only passing on a dangerous tool to harm someone else.

Natural Cancer Diet

Besides cancer, broccoli is also good for cancer.  Juicing one ounce alone is a great preventative for cancer.  Another man cured his cancer by using Saffron tea.  Saffron is a known treatment for cancer and by making this simple tea, you too can be on the road to recovery. But is cabbage and saffron enough?

  Saffron - Can it cure cancer? Scientist agree that it can:

A diet rich in vegetables and low glycemic fruits is best for any diet.  Avoid all sugars and limit your fruits. Fruits contain natural sugar and although are healthy, limiting them is best.  Avoid all white enriched flours, white rice and packaged goods.  By following a vegetarian diet with juicing and cole slaw you can be on the road to recovery.

Other things that have been proven to help are mega dose of Vitamin C and Nigella sativa oil. 

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