The Facts on Essiac Tea - Is it Good for Cancer?

I have heard for years that Essiac Tea cures cancer?  I had serious doubts about these claims and never paid much attention to further claims down the road.  

I recently became interested in an herbalist on You Tube named Tony Pantalleresco who claims the company he works for HerbsPlusBeadsWorks is selling their favorite "treatment" for cancer in the form of a tea and some supplements.  His tea has four of the properties of Essiac Tea.

So my interest has been rearoused, but what I have discovered is that government tests on Essiac tea has shown that it does not cure cancer and at best is a complimentary aid to other remedies. The studies showed that Essiac tea is not all it claims to be and here are the results:
  • In the mid 1970s, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City tested dried and liquid samples of Essiac in 8 experiments involving the S–180 mouse sarcoma tumor model (a type of animal model used to study treatment). Researchers found that Essiac did not make the immune system more active and did not act as an anticancer drug.
  • In the early 1980s, researchers at MSKCC tested Essiac again. They found no anticancer activity after doing 17 studies that used a variety of animal leukemia models and other tumor models.
  • In 1983, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) tested a liquid sample of Essiac in the mouse P388 lymphocytic leukemia tumor system but found no anticancer activity. Very high doses of Essiac killed the test animals. Scientists, however, do not know how this finding applies to people who take more than the maker's recommended doses of Essiac.
  • In 2004, a laboratory study at Indiana University-Purdue University reported that Essiac slowed the growth of prostate cancer cells.
I have on the other hand heard of many who had success with Essiac Tea and I don't want to offend any of those who had results, but I am warning those to use Essiac as a compliment to other natural remedies that are proven like Nigella sativa.  

Tony Pantallersco's Cure and are You Invincible?

Tony Pantallersco claims that this formula is what works for some of his clients.  Smart man!.  No one cure will cure everyone and even though we may feel invincible, we are not invincible and life just may deal you a blow that you have to take care of.  I do believe his remedy is good and should be looked at seriously.

He claims that his tea mixtures:
  • Turkey Rhubarb
  • Black Walnut
  • Sorrel
  • Chapparal
Along with supplements IP-6 Inositol and Maitaki D Fraction have shown to be the most successful for the treatment of cancer.  He however further states that this program works on some cancers, smart man! Along with these suggestions he emphasizes the need for a holistic diet and one that excludes soy, bananas, strawberries and the whites (sugar, white flour).  In other words a regular cancer diet void of all meat.

He states he boils the tea down a few inches and allows it to get cold.  He then gives a few ounces of the tea daily with the above supplements and it has been successful. 


I caution anyone to cancer to follow any health guru in curing their cancer.  I suggest you read, study and evaluate.  I am an expert on black seed and so I can tell you to buy black cumin or Nigella sativa all day, but for some it is not the answer.  

I also suggest the above combination from Tony to be a complimentary solution and you must follow a healthy diet, exercise, preferably on a mini trampoline and get lots of sunshine.  I wish you health, I wish you love and I wish you faith.

My Favorite Essiac Tea is from Starwest Botanicals.

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