Father Romano Zago's Cure for Cancer Using Aloe Vera and Honey

The book "Cancer Can Be Cured" is written by Father Romano Zago in 2000 and then he also wrote in 2009, "Aloe isn't Medicine and Yet it Cures."  The purpose of these books is to show the world that curing cancer does not have to be expensive.  His simple 3 ingredient formula when prepared correctly has been reported to cure many types of cancers and even Lupus.

Who is Father Romano Zago

Father Romano Zago is a Franciscan Friar and scholar and was born  in 1932 in Brazil.  The book goes into detail on how he was tending to the poor in Brazil along with Father Arno Reckziegel where they witnessed how quickly the people returned back to health after being administered Aloe Arborescens and honey.  

He later traveled to Israel where he continued his studies on this plant and witnessed even further healings of the chronically ill.  These revelations inspired him to spend the next 20 years of his life studying this plant. 

The Recipe is very simple

The recipe is very simple and Father Zago never states it is miraculous, although it has healed many types of cancers.  The cancers that have been healed are: throat cancer, cancer of the uterus, vocal chords, skin cancer, ovaries, breast, prostate, kidneys, lymphatic system, blood system (such as leukemia), spinal column, brain/cerebellum (incl. children's brain tumors), liver as well as intestinal and rectal cancer, bone and bladder cancer, and many instances of colon cancer.

The duration it takes to heal is two to three months. When taking the mixture you should drink it for 10 days and then wait 10 days.  Then start again.  Some have reported that they took the syrup or mixture continuous with no health risks, but Father Zago suggests you take a break due to the fact that the aloe plant may be toxic in large quantities.

  • 300 grams of fresh Aloe arborescens leaves* 
  • 500 grams of pure bee honey
  • 4 - 5 tablespoons of rum, whisky, grappa or similar alcohol (caƱazo, aguardiente) 

Note: Older plants are the best - between 4 to 5 years old and there is a big difference between Arborescens leaves and regular Aloe Vera.  Aloe Arborescens has 200% anti-cancer properties where Aloe Vera has only 40%. 

Traditional methods of refining the Barbadensis Miller plant involve a hand filleting process to remove the gel from the leaf. The leaf is then discarded. Ironically, the largest concentration of the active ingredients, polysaccharides and mucopolysaccharide (Acemannan), are found just beneath the outer surface of the leaf (the rind), which can be bitter, indigestible, possibly abrasive and difficult to refine. 

The new whole leaf process employed in the making of R PUR-ALOE products allows the cellulose to be dissolved, aloin and aloe emodin are removed. This total procedure is done entirely by a cold process and refining treatment. Maximum efficiency is thus assured, resulting in products rich in polysaccharides including mucopolysaccharides (Acemannan). 

You are to juice the entire leaf, after the thorns are removed.  The entire leaf with the outer area, gel and juice are to be added to the honey.  The distilant is used to open up the veins and allow the healing to take effect.  If you are not allowed to drink alcohol due to religion, then thy using raw apple cider vinegar in its place. Store the syrup in the refrigerator and hide from the light. The syrup should last approximately 10 days.

Other Things to Avoid and Do

Besides taking the syrup to remove the cancer and all other diseases, he suggests that you avoid: meat of all kinds, dairy products, sugar, artificial coloring, chemicals, sweeteners, white flour and white rice. You should eat healthy organic foods, such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, garlic, beans, blueberries, onions, ginger, spirulina, chlorella, fresh fruits, etc.

Prevention is Also Suggest by Father Romano Zago

Besides curing cancer, Father Zago suggests that you do his protocol once a year for prevention.  In his book he goes into great detail and gives many types of recipes.  He insists that this syrup can be used by anyone and with any disease.  As a good prevention, take this recipe in full until it is all gone, even if it is past the 10 days.

Read the Aloe Vera Miracle PDF

Father Zago's Recipe for Brain Fog

Father Zago's recipe is also listed on Natural News as part of a protocol for brain fog.

Steps for Immediate Relief of Brain Fog:

1. Before sleeping take 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil mixed with the juice of one lemon.
2. Before breakfast take 1 teaspoon of nigella sativa oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of raw honey.
3. One half hour later take 1 tablespoon of Father Romano Zago's recipe: 1/2 liter of honey, 1 ounce of distillates (raw apple vinegar can be substituted) and 350 grams of whole aloe vera leaves juiced. Mix well.
4. For breakfast have the Kousimine-Budwig Power Breakfast (recipe part one).
5. Brain elixir to be used as mid afternoon snack. Place 1 cup of yogurt, 2 figs, 1 rosemary twig and 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a jar. Refrigerate overnight and the next afternoon, place in blender and mix well.
6. Follow the diet of Dr. Catherine Kousimine in Part I with no more than one cooked meal a day.
7. Also get plenty of sunshine; eat no packaged or processed foods and avoid all pharmaceutical medicines.

Testimony from a Stage IV Cancer Survivor

This recipe has also been reported to heal late or terminal cancers.  A woman with stage IV cancer gave a testimony on this simple cure:

“My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 non-small cell carcinoma (lung cancer) back in January of this year which had metastasized to her eye. She first did 6 weeks of radiation for the tumor in her eye and then began her chemotherapy which was scheduled for 4 cycles.

In the meantime my mom learned about the [aloe] tonic from a family friend who had traveled to Uruguay on vacation and found [the aloe/honey recipe] laying on the seat of a bus and decided to pick it up because she figured one day it would help someone.

In June my sister went to a party and ran into this friend of ours who mentioned the recipe she found after she found out about my mom. As soon as we received it I bought everything we needed to prepare it and made sure she began to take it right away. By this time my mom had already started her chemotherapy cycles.

During chemo my mom didn't experience any chemo side effects. She wasn't nauseous, she didn't lose her hair or lose any weight. It was all the opposite. Her hair only thinned but she still had a full head of hair, her blood levels were always perfect. The doctor was always amazed at her results every time he saw her and her blood was drawn. To make this long story short my mom's chemo was cut short and the doctor decided to test her after her 3rd cycle because he was so amazed at her results and how well she was doing.

My mom had her PET scan in July and the scan came back negative. There was not a trace of cancer anywhere in her body. Her doctor is still amazed and she is doing great. We owe my mom's health and recovery to all of our faith and this heaven-sent tonic.

All I ask you is that you continue to spread this recipe any way you know how especially if it can save someone's life like it did for my mom.”