The Worse Wake-Up Call of Your Life -- Cancer

The worse wake-up call you may face in your life is cancer. It is your body's way of telling you that there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed. 

For years you have been abusing your body with bad diet, lack of exercise and stress and now your soul is crying out, "If you do not stop this, you will die."

All the signs are there - breast pain, heaviness, lymph node swelling and chest pressure. You continue to ignore the symptoms until one day you realize that the scabs on your nipples have been there for way to long and for some reason, they will just not go away.  

The ultimate diagnosis is in and you have inflammatory breast cancer, one of the worse cancers on the breast. You now realize that your bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle have finally caught up with you.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it should be called Breast Cancer Prevention Month.  Why must you always wait till the last moment before you realize that you are not invincible.  You are not superwoman and God has sent you the worse-wake up call of your life.  

Will you listen or will you just give up and die?  Breast cancer is curable in most of the cases. The truth is breast cancer is preventable 70% to 90% of the time and may be cured in 90% of cases with a nutritional and healthy lifestyle.  Now let me tell you more.

How is Cancer a Wake-Up Call?

 You will notice that the first thing cancer patients are told is that they must change their diet.  A cancer diet is one void of sugar, white flour, red meat and processed foods.  So if you were eating this type of diet for years, would you have cancer now?

You must also eliminate stress.  Yes, stress is a killer, so if you had calmed down, got rid of bad influences in your life, would you have cancer now?

You are told to exercise.  Exercising is proven to cure breast cancer.  According to Barbara Minton, head writer for Align Life, "The connection between exercise and breast cancer has also been well established. Early studies found that women who exercised like mad were able to reduce their risk of breast cancer, because they exercised to the point where their estrogen production was nearly stopped, reducing the possibility of estrogen imbalance in the body. 

But this information was not too useful for most women who had no interest in becoming professional athletes or spending eight hours a day at the gym. But now there is good news for everyone. Recent studies have shown that exercise in moderation has a profound effect on breast cancer prevention and prognosis, and a positive effect against death for all causes."

So if you were exercising moderately on a mini-trampoline daily, would you have cancer now?

You are Damned if You do and Damned if You Don't

Women are subjected to torture and doctors are just raking in the money.  They are programmed to do mammograms once or twice a year and then when a lump is found, they are told to do a mammogram again and then once a suspicious lump is identified, they need a biopsy which may cause spreading of the tumor cells and then on top of all of that they are told that their only chance of survival is to have chemotherapy, surgery and or radiation.

Mamograms cause cancer and may cause a non-tumor to become cancerous.  You are better off doing self examination and when a tumor is suspected, start a natural protocol to eliminate the cancer. Many breast cancers are curable on their own.

Then for those who do submit to the doctor's scare tactics and have surgery, the next thing they do is give the patient tamoxifen which is known to cause secondary cancers along with chemotherapy which has the same warning.  

Do yourself a favor and follow in the footsteps of many successful women who cured breast cancer and other cancers on their own using natural medicines.  Cancer is not a disease -- It is simply a wake up call for you to return to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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What Can You Do If You have Cancer?

Once you are diagnosed with cancer, it is time to get started on a natural protocol which must begin with a healthy diet.  Some things that are helpful is drinking 1 quart of carrot juice everyday.  This juice must contain many cancer-fighting foods, such as broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple, ginger and lemon.  

You will need to eat lots of vegetables and little fruit.  Fruit has sugar and sugar feeds cancer.  Adding in the Budwig protocol is suggested by many cancer diets, such as Bill Henderson, Tony Isaacs and my protocol also.  To learn how I suggest people cure their cancers naturally with Nigella sativa read: Nigella Sativa Cancer Diet

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness should include how to prevent cancer, not to make people aware of doing the wrong protocol, such as mammograms and biopsies.  

Years ago when we heard about Breast Cancer Awareness and how the Cancer Society was collecting money for research, we had hope that in our lifetime cancer would be cured. 

Today we realize that conventional cancer treatment is not doing anything but put more people in the grave.  In my country anyone who goes to the hospital and uses conventional treatment, dies. Using natural protocols are on the rise and more and more are switching to new and alternative treatments.

Are you wearing a pink ribbon today to show the world you are cancer free? But for how long? Remember Tammy Faye Baker and how she went on national radio shows to brag of her beating breast cancer? 

Well not to long after that she came down with a secondary cancer that she could not beat and she DIED!

When we look at cancer survival rates we look at 5 year survival rates.  With chemotheraphy you have a 2.1 percent chance of surviving.  That means that of the 226,000 in the US who will be diagnosed with breast cancer, only 4,746 will live past 5 years. Just a few months ago there was a 2.5% chance of survival and a few years ago we were looking at 50% survivals.  See how the rates keep dropping.  

Cancer is a big numbers game and doctors are giving end of life patients chemotherapy to get more profits in their pockets knowing that there is no chance of living.

One daughter told me the other day that she was so upset because she now knows that the doctors were just torturing her father for a bigger paycheck.  Many people do not know they have choices.  So on this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, open your eyes and wear pink because you now know how to survive.

Dr. Johanna Budwig would save patients with her flaxseed oil protocol two weeks prior to them suposedly going to die.  She saved them with enemas.  The key word is she "saved" them.  When you are looking for how to live again, consider the many natural protocols available.

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You have a right to live.  Cancer is treatable and you will see that although being diagnosed with cancer is the last thing in this world you wanted, it just may turn out to be the BEST WAKE-UP CALL EVER.

Note:  The cancer will return if you return to an unhealthy lifestyle.  In order to be cancer free, you must continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly.