Why do People Fail on Natural Cancer Protocols?

Fifty percent of people who attempt natural cancer protocols will fail (on average).  Why is this true if reported percentages from many cancer protocol books and websites are much higher?

 People fail because they do not know how to follow the protocol correctly and try to cut corners, use less than suggested supplements and fail to exercise and get enough sun.  

Sometimes the failure comes from authors, doctors and websites promising more than what they can deliver.  Trying to sell books, authors may try to sell a protocol as an easy way to cure cancer. There is no easy way to cure cancer and you must realize that your life is at hand and you may have just one chance to do it right.

I started investigating cancer protocols and found that some of the largest natural alternative websites are not telling the truth.  

Statisitics are fabricated, costs are reduced from what is really needed and ratings of protocols are based sometimes on friendship, money incentives and bribes.  I do believe that some websites may be duped into believing less than the truth. There are many cut and paste websites spreading what they deem to be the truth also.  One bad website can spread the wrong information and that information may spread like fire.

It is imperative that you understand the truth about healing and the possibility of survival.  This article will give you some simple tips on how to live after your cancer diagnosis and how to evaluate a true healing from a fabricated promise of healing.

How to Succeed on a Cancer Natural Protocol

1.  Education.  "Cancer Does Not Scare Me Anymore," Dr. Lorraine Day.  A famous quote by an author of alternative treatments -- You Can't Improve on God!  

Why doesn't cancer scare her anymore? With knowledge come power and with enough knowledge you do not have to be afraid of any disease.  W. Webster Kher tells about his wife coming home with diabetes and he very calmly tells her, "so." 

 He tells her how to cure diabetes is on my website along with a cure for any disease if you just will follow.

If you will just follow? This is the main concept of any protocol. There are many protocols available that WILL cure cancer, but people will try to use inferior or cheaper supplements, not buy a book because they know it all and then try to combine protocols. 

So I don't like Bill Henderson's diet, so I will substitute what Lorraine Day says to eat and then maybe take a few of Bill's supplements. This is not how curing cancer works.  First you must educate yourself on several protocols and choose the one that is perfect for you.

"We must be willing to take the time and spend the energy to educate ourselves and take responsibility for our own health-today! Prevention is the key.but if disease should strike there is ALWAYS an answer and ALWAYS hope." 
--Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, HHP, CH

2.  Buy the Book.  Yes you have to buy the book even if it cost $100.  Buy the book first and learn what you need to learn in detail.  Although an author, like myself may write a few good articles on the blog, you need to know the entire protocol and every bit on information you can find.  

Talking to Joe Blow on the local cancer support forum is not good enough.  You get 20 different opinions from common everyday people who do not know the protocol and they are giving their best estimate.  If someone starts out with "Well my aunt died from cancer," run very fast. You do not want to know someone's personal opinion, you want to know true statistics and true knowledge.  Buy the book please.

3.  Go to a Clinic or Pay for Personalized Service.  It is impossible for you to know everything on your own.  Gerson requires you go to their clinic, The Budwig Center requires a minimum of two weeks in their hospital or an in home course, Bill Henderson offers a coaching program and it is mandatory for stage IV cancer patients.  

Tony Isaacs has a Yahoo group and support forums for his protocol (I cannot endorse oleander) but his set up for help is good. I have websites, forums, Face Book pages and Twitter pages full of information in addition to having multiple types of books on the subject.

4.  Follow the Plan Completely.  Bill Henderson states, "While you might think that "cheating" on your cancer diet by 10% would only affect the effectiveness of your treatment by 10%, such is not the case with this protocol. The cancer patient must be fanatical about sticking to the diet, as it is an integral part of the treatment." 

Don't waiver from the protocol and don't ask people in a cancer forum about Black SEEDS.  I have never ever read anywhere about anyone not happy with Nigella sativa and believe me I do a lot of researching.  I am very honest with people with the effect it will give also.

5.  Don't Combine Protocols.  Some protocols include multiple protocols such as combining Budwig with Nigella sativa or Tony Isaacs Oleander protocol with Nigella sativa and Budwig.  But if you choose a protocol to follow, don't improvise.  Follow the plan or find a plan you can follow.

6.  There is no Cancer Cure without a Cancer Diet.  If anyone tries to tell you that you can take mushrooms  and can eat like a pig, keep on walking.  You must be on a strict diet along with a good protocol.  

All cancer diets forbid red meat, sugar, milk (Budwig allows cottage cheese or quark), white enriched flours, coffee, sugary sodas and high sugar fruits.  

Did you know 70 cups of coffee will kill you? Well on a cancer diet a lot less than that can increase your cancer likelihood.  Eating organic is suggested, but not required.  Juicing is also a part of any cancer diet, especially with carrots and beets.

7,  Exercise and Sunshine are Required.  Did you know that sitting in a dark room with no sunshine and no exercise is like drinking coffee with 10 spoons of sugar? You must get outside and have some fresh air and feel the sun on your body.   

Avoid the sun during the danger hours (10am to 2pm) but you need some sun.  Exercise at least 30 minutes a day and exercising on a mini trampoline is suggested to move lymph and decrease your cancer cells.  Read: Rebound on a trampoline to flow lymph and fight #disease:

8.  Water is Needed!  You cannot drink soda, store bought juices and energy drinks.  You must drink as much water as you can.  Dehydration is as much of a problem as eating the wrong foods.  You need to hydrate your cells and refresh your inner soul.

9.  Supplements Needed.  Many protocols will suggest additional supplements. DO NOT skimp on cheap supplements hoping to save money.  Buy the best supplements you can afford or at the very least buy the ones suggested by the doctor or author of the protocol.   Look at the ratings.  If you purchase from Amazon, look to see how other purchasers rated the products.

10.  GOD and Faith!  The basis of my healing has always been with prayer and guidance.  Some people ask me how I knew how to heal my problems and others and it is always the same answer.  I asked God!  

If you have faith then you do believe that there is an answer for everything, but there are so many protocols and how do you choose the correct protocol?  We are humans, but God knows everything.  With every disease that has been sent down, there is a cure.  Believe with all your heart that you will be healed.


There are more than 100 cancer protocols and there are thousands of supplements and there are thousands of stars in the sky.  Choosing a natural cancer protocol takes time and it takes patience. 

 Educate yourself, look for referrals and then look for educational and government studies on the efficacy of the cure.  These are your most reliable guidelines. 

There are a lot of authors promising you the world, but the best cure is the one that has been studied and proven to cure cancer. 

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