How Does the So Called "War on Cancer" Convince People that Natural Remedies are Wrong?

Is there a war on cancer or is it the biggest farce created ever for gullible individuals to collapse when they hear that awful "C" word? Years ago when I was growing up cancer was the biggest fear and we were all raised to believe people cared.  

Millions of people started fund drives to cure cancer and we all believed that cancer would be cured in our lifetime.  Then HIV/Aids came into existence and cancer cures were put on the back burner.

We saw Elizabeth Taylor and many other famous stars come forward to fight for the battle of HIV/Aids and sadly neither cancer or HIV were cured.  Millions and millions were dying, but still there was no answer.

I went with my partner in Real Estate to the funeral of her ex-husband who was gay.  I saw a tiny man who had lots of hate around him.  People hated him for what he did to his family and my friend Elisa Sandoval who had two children had more hate than anyone I had ever seen.

This disease not only destroyed the man lying in the coffin, it destroyed the family he once had.  People chastised her for leaving him and they hated her for separating the family, but the truth was it was not Elisa's fault for a man in disguise.

As the years passed, Elisa and I went our separate ways, I still felt the hate in the nation.  People hated the word gays and lesbians and they hated that people were dying, sick and they were frustrated that there was no apparent solution in sight. The world was in major chaos and no one knew how to stop this vicious cycle. Was there ever going to be a cure or was the "so called" war on cancer a farce?

Sickness Sells

If you have cancer, you will go to the doctor and the doctor will cash the huge check he gets from large hospitals and pharmaceutical giants.  He will convince you that your only choice is chemotherapy and radiation and wait you need MRI's, testing, biopsies and more.  

He tells you, "Don't worry ma'am your insurance will cover the entire bill."  You are then fed the "bull story" that if you do not rush to do this that you will die a horrible death.  The word cancer causes fear in a nation that wants to live.

Even the healthiest person in the world will run to a chemo dripr when the world cancer is mentioned.  Even though you swear on your mother's grave you will never admit yourself to the hospital, most will and then you will be part of the conventional system.

Natural remedies do not make doctors rich and there is no money in this type of cancer cure.  Natural remedies are based on wholesome food, natural herbs and no one is giving giant kick-backs to people using natural remedies. So you have the war of the world begin and the government and its entities are now outlawing the one cure that works, "Mother Nature."

How Does the War on Cancer Convince People that Natural Remedies are Wrong?

So sadly with the war on cancer being a farce and more and more switching to natural treatments, pharmaceutical giants are reverting to under-handed tricks also.  They are bent on convincing you that the treatment centers that are not honest represent the whole lot of natural treatment cents.  So this is what they do:

Suppress alternative cancer treatments and persecute those who advocate such treatments - The FDA, AMA and even the American Association of Cancer join in together to persecute any treatment that seems to be a threat.  More and more small websites are being threatened to discontinue offering these natural treatments or face jail terms.  Recently Google quit giving detox websites any Adsense payouts.  Day after day we see many small mom and pop farms being shut down and lord help the people selling raw milk.

Brainwash the public to believe that chemotherapy, radiation,and surgery (the “Big 3”) are the only options to treat cancer. Ok now the big 3 have you worried and it is your choice to choose what is being offered or look at an unconventional way of healing.The doctors are trained to force feed you the imperative need to choose the big 3 though.

Advertise and sell traditional cancer treatment.As stated above it is the job of the medical mafia is to  trick you into taking their very expensive treatments known to kill you in 5 years or less.  Statistics show that people who take conventional treatments with chemotherapy have a 2.1% chance of living 5 years or more.  Read the bottle of the Chemotherapy medicine which plainly warns of secondary cancers.

According to Medicine, "Most people have no serious long-term problems from chemotherapy. However, on some occasions, chemotherapy can cause permanent changes or damage to the heart, lungs, nerves, kidneys, reproductive or other organs. And certain types of chemotherapy may have delayed effects, such as a second cancer, that show up many years later. Ask your doctor about the chances of any serious, long-term effects that can result from the treatment you are receiving (but remember to balance your concerns with the immediate threat of your cancer)."

Natural Doctors and Authors Labeled as Quacks

When I was investigating protocols, I found a number of famous cancer experts labeled as quacks on Quackwatch and other websites, large and small.  I was shocked with why they were labeled quacks:
  1. Doctor recommends you don't follow conventional healing methods that never work.
  2. Doctors recommend you have faith in God.
  3. Doctors recommend you use natural herbs.
  4. Doctors recommend you eat sensibly and forgo pharmaceuticals.
That would mean I am a quack too, because that is exactly what I recommend.

Your Choice - Your Life

The big day has come and you must make a decision.  You have just been diagnosed with stage I breast cancer.  Your family is frightened and your husband is screaming he does not want you to die.  You look at everyone and say, "My choice - my life."  Nothing is that easy, but it is your choice.  Here are some things to consider:
  • Natural remedies are less expensive than conventional methods, but may not be covered by your insurance carrier.
  • You must change your way of living with diet and exercise. There is no magic pill.
  • Success rates are higher with natural remedies if the protocol is done correctly and the cancer is caught in time.
  • There are little or no side effects with natural remedies.