Not All Healthy Diets Prevent Breast Cancer

October has been declared Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are many studies on the actual way to prevent and cure breast cancer. 

Studies have shown that not all Mediterranean diets prevent and/or cure breast cancer.  Diets rich in vegetables and olive oil have been proven to have little affect on the prevention and/or treatment of breast cancer.  

Diets high in good quality fish, plant based foods, legumes, berries and seeds have been proven to be an optimum diet.

According to Food Consumer, "Annals of Epidemiology suggests it depends on what kind Mediterranean diet you use.

The study led by F. Bessaoud of Registre des Tumeurs de l'Hérault-Parc Euromédecine Bâtiment Recherche, Montpellier Cedex 5, France and colleagues conducted the case-control study found that overall, Mediterranean diet was not associated with risk of breast cancer.

However, the researchers found a Mediterranean diet with more fish or fish type of Mediterranean diet was associated with lower risk of breast cancer while the "raw vegetables and olive oil" type of Mediterranean diet was not."

The G-Bomb Theory

Eating healthy does not mean loading up on organic fruits and vegetables.  It does mean that you must look at the G-Bombs as Dr. Joel Fuhrman wrote about.  What are the G-Bombs?

G - Greens - Plant based greens necessary for a healthy diet.
B - Beans - Eat one cup of legumes a day for protein.
O - Onions - Raw onions and even onion juice proven beneficial.
M - Mushrooms - Lot of information on the health benefits here. (only cooked mushrooms)
B - Berries - Eat berries low in sugar as your fruit.  Avoid high glycemic fruits
S - Seeds - Seeds, especially flax and sesame which are high in lignans.

Dr. Fuhrman emphasizes that October Breast Awareness month must be Breast Cancer Prevention Month and that we should learn to change our dieting habits for life, not just during the cancer. 

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The EPIC European Study

Surprisingly few have paid attention to the EPIC study done in the 1990's.  In Europe they studied 521,000 people with various cancers and one was breast cancer. They found that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables did not cure or prevent cancer.

Their findings:
  1. Breast cancer etiology:
    1. The role of endogenous steroid hormones in pre- and post-menopausal breast cancer has been investigated in EPIC in the largest studies conducted to date on this topic. We have shown that both estrogens and androgens increase breast cancer risk while SHBG decreases risk after menopause. In parallel, overweight and low physical activity increase breast cancer risk after menopause. On the contrary, before menopause, androgens increase breast cancer risk, progesterones decrease risk and SHBG and obesity are not associated with risk. These findings provide strong clues for further investigations of the metabolic and hormonal factors specifically related to pre- and post-menopausal breast cancer.
    2. We found that the consumption of fruit and vegetables is not associated with breast cancer risk. This is an important finding as it helps to narrow down the factors potentially involved in breast cancer etiology and prevention.

Eat Fish and Also take Nigella Sativa

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a vegetarian and advocates a plant based diet as do I .  Although the studies showed a died high in fish is better than the traditional fruits, which are high in sugar and thus feeding the cancer and vegetables. Although Dr. Fuhrman emphasizes the need for green leafy vegetables, a diet rich in legumes, seeds and berries are better.

Should you decide you prefer to eat fish then realize that all fish have been subjected to radioactive poisoning from Japan.  100 percent of the fish tested in America were shown positive for high levels of mercury, so where do you find good fish or even good Omega 3's?  Your only option is to prevent radioactive poisoning with Nigella sativa.

As it has been documented, Nigella sativa cured many cancers, not just one.  Nigella sativa has also been proven to be one of the best natural remedies for radioactive poisoning.  Radiation causes cancer, so how can you eat radioactive fish and expect your cancer to be cured? For me I avoid all fish.  Dr. Johanna Budwig also forbade fish 50 years ago.  It was not allowed in her famous Flax oil Diet.

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Best Breast Cancer Prevention Diet

When we are looking at the best diets and best lifestyles then we must look at a vegetarian diet with no processed foods are fats. All oils should be avoided except for Flax oil for the Budwig diet and Black Cumin Oil (Nigella sativa).  Absolutely no fried food should be eaten either.  

Steam your vegetables or boil them lightly.  Do not cook them much as all the vitamins will evaporate in the water.  Exercise is also imperative and my ultimate suggestion is to buy a rebounder and exercise to flow the lymph.

Curing cancer is not that difficult for breast cancer.  Many breast cancers have healed theirself and taking mammograms each year has been proven to cause cancer.  So preventing cancer is not that difficult to do with a little planning and a lot of common sense.