Woman Cures Lung Disease with Castor Oil

A woman claims she cured her lung disease using castor oil. After suffering for 7 years with pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis and numerous systemic tuburcular ulcers she discovered a simple cure that is so inexpensive, it is ridiculous. 

 There are many websites touting the healing effects of the castor packs and many talk about using castor oil for beautifying the skin and healing asthma, but few mention the healing effects for the lungs by taking castor oil orally.  

This woman who gave her testimony, states she took 1 tablespoon of the castor oil first thing in the morning.  Here is what she says happened after taking the oil:

"In a couple of hours time I ran to the toilet and almost emptied all the fecal matter that was inside of me. The feces were accompanied with thick smelly orange mucous that came out in chunks. 

I planned to continue with 1 tbs of castor oil everyday early in the morning and each time I consumed the castor oil I saw more and more of the smelly mucous junk coming out in my motions. 

This stinking orange mucous was the cause of the bad odor that was coming from my nostrils and mouth. And I later found out that all that smelly mucous came from my lungs. The chronic lung diseases that I had failed to treat were the cause of all that mucous being stored in my lungs."

Amazingly, she did one other thing besides taking the castor oil, she prayed.  She emphasized that prayer was part of the protocol.  She stated, "Do all of this as you pray everyday, asking God to deliver you and set you free. Thanks and God Bless."

I then went to Earth Clinic and searched for more cures and here is what I found:

"Take cayenne and garlic everyday, the lungs will regenerate over time. Phlegm, will come out in the first few days, and a definite improvement seen in a couple of weeks. At least two cloves of crushed raw garlic ingested after a ten minute wait after crushing, and you can smear the cayenne into butter to make it more palatable. It works for cleaning up the lungs in long time smokers as well."

"I suffer with lung congestion, and I have used the castor oil packs from Edgar Cayce's readings to ease the pain under my breasts, and it does help."

"Castor oil packs are a home remedy that works great for removing toxins from within the body. All you will need is a large piece of flannel material, some castor oil, and some old clothing to wear over the top. You fold the material until it is long and about the width of the ribcage. Pour enough castor oil over the center of the material to coat it.

 Your wife should wear this over her lungs and under the old clothing. I usually wear a tight tank top over mine to make sure it stays put. She can wear it for 30 minutes or even better if worn over night. Then you take the material and put it in a ziploc bag for the next night. Just add a little more castor oil with each use. I use an old flannel pillow case which is perfect for the torso."

"I'm not sure how much this will help but I get bronchial pneumonia on a fairly regular basis. I can cure it up in just a few days (3-5) by taking Elderberry. I take the capsules that I get from the health food store, only I take more than recommended on the container. Experiment to find the dosage that is best for you."

"Tulsi (Tulasi, Holy Basil) is excellent for lungs. You could have it as a tea or in capsule form. Take at least 4 cups each day. I make 2 cups from each teabag. We have had great success with lung issues, we used the capsule form along with cups of tea to treat acute and long term problems, including mold exposure and chest infections" 

When making your castor oil packs, the use of a heating pad is suggested.