What are the Best Stool Softners

Constipation is not normal for someone with a good digestive track.  It can be a sign of many diseases including cancer.  

So at the first problem with constipation, seek measures to rectify.  If the problem continues for more than one week or if you see blood in your stool, seek a doctors help.

One of the best ways to heal constipation is with the use of prune juice and it works better than most of the counter laxatives. What is a natural laxative? It is a way of relieving constipation naturally. The worse way to relieve constipation is with one of those balls available from the pharmacy with chemicals and toxic ingredients that need to be inserted rectally.

What is constipation

Constipation is when you have difficult release of stools. The need for the best stool softener happens when going to the bathroom causes great discomfort and pain. Never try to force the stools to be released by extreme pressure as this will cause problems later on. Constipation happens from overly dry stools that have been in the colon for too long.

A natural stool softener will make the stools more liquid to pass easily through the tract without grunting and excess pressure. There are many remedies and foods to get the laxative effect.
The use of constipation laxatives should be very limited as they are addictive and not to be used more than 10 days, such as senna.

How to get rid of constipation

Most of the time constipation goes when the diet is changed. Adding laxative foods and more liquid is usually enough to cause you to be relieved of this problem. Nobody likes to spend time in the bathroom with constipation, but if it continues or is chronic, make sure to be checked out by your physician.

Laxative remedies

Drink lots of prune juice, the number one best remedy as a natural stool softener. If you don't have prune juice then you can eat some dried figs. Eat five dried figs and drink a full glass of water to seek relief. If after three hours you still have problems, then eat some more figs. Other suggestions are:

  • Honey mixed with black strap molasses.
  • Take one tablespoon of olive oil in the morning when you wake.
  • Coffee will cause bowel movement.
  • Increased exercise will cause you to go to the bathroom easily.

Laxative foods

A change in diet will cause you to have less dry feces and go to the bathroom regularly. Some illnesses and medications may cause constipation also. The foods that are best to relieve constipation are: flax seeds (ground, never whole), whole grains, fruits (especially watermelon and bale fruit) and legumes.

Preventative alternative measures

According to the Mayo Clinic, homeopathic herbs may work for the relief of constipation. but you should be cautious. Plant remedies may have some interaction with medicines, so find out which one works best first. Acupuncture and massage also has benefits in the relief of constipation.

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