The Life and Death of the Great and Wonderful Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi was 82 years old when he died on August 8, 2016.  He was in jail at the time in Honduras and reports stated he died of pnuemonia, but his followers do not believe this story.  He died in the hands of those who chose to rob him of his knowledge and of his fortune.  Our most beloved Dr. Sebi is in pain no more.

Who was Dr. Sebi?

He was officially known as Alfredo Bowman and was a teacher, a brother, a doctor of knowledge and a healer but he would tell you that men are not healers, only women.  When asked who he was, he would simply say I am your brother.

He taught simplistic healing and fastings and sold a wide range of products from his store with prices some may say was high.  He used electric herbs and taught an alkaline diet and lifestyle.  His alkaline diet however was different than most and did not allow many foods and Dr. Sebi had a reason for what he stated and did not allow any hybrid foods such as brocooli, cauliflower, garlic, lemons and okra.

Dr. Sebi does not just cure cancer, he cures all diseases and he loved to drink sea moss tea and demonstrated how he could fall on his knees from a standing position because of the sea moss.

Dr. Sebi Arrested on February 10, 1987 Because He claimed to Cure

On February 10th, 1987 Dr. Sebi was arrested because he posted an advertisement in Amsterdam News that he cure AIDS, HIV and Sickle Cell Anemia and other diseases.   This advertisement ran on November 2, 1985.

 The case against Dr. Sebi was the 2781 case brought before the Supreme Court for practicing medicine without a license and for making fraudulent medical claims.

 Dr. Sebi arrested for advertising that he cured AIDS, which is practicing medicine without a license, and for selling products not approved by the FDA.

  Dr. Sebi was able to win the case because though 9 witnesses had to present documents showing the institute cured them of the these diseases, 72 witnesses provided documentation.

Dr. Sebi The Superstar

After the Supreme Court Case Dr. Sebi became a superstar and everyone everywhere knew of this man.   But his life would not be without tests.  He became well known as a man who cured many diseases and his products and interviews were in high demand.  People everywhere wanted to know how this man could cure so many diseases with the herbs he claimed were holistic and had the ability to heal all disease.

The basis of his protocol had to do with alkaline diet, electric herbs, fasting and healing through natural and holistic methods.    He used the same protocol for all disease and his main herb was Irish Sea Moss.

Lawsuit - USHA Village Can No Longer Claim CURES

At a 1993 Congressional hearing, Shirley Stark, who headed the NYAG's Consumer Fraud Section, indicated that a civil suit against Bowman's company had been successful, stating:
"A particularly glaring example of unsubstantiated therapeutic claims made for herbal supplements occurred a few years ago when the USHA Herbal Research Institute, run by a self-styled nutritionist calling himself "Dr. Sebi," advertised in the Village Voice and the Amsterdam News that "AIDS HAS BEEN CURED" by USHA and that they also specialize in cures for Leukemia, sickle cell anemia, herpes, lupus and other diseases. For an initial fee of $500 and $80 for each additional visit, patients were told they could be cured of AIDS and other diseases. The "cures" consisted of various herbal products, for each of which USHA made therapeutic claims. Eva Therapeutic Salve, for example, was referred to in USHA's brochure as . . . "very effective on major skin problems, in prenatal use, against poor circulation, cancer, cysts, hemorrhoids and arthritis." In fact, these claims were false. Our office filed suit against USHA and entered a consent agreement under which USHA can no longer make therapeutic claims for any of its products."
Death in Honduras

Dr. Sebi, was arrested on 28 May 2016 and died 8 August 2016 of complications of pneumonia during police custody in Honduras after allegedly attempting to launder $37,000 from the Juan Manuel Gálvez de Roatan Airport.

His death has led many of his followers to question his arrest, level of care while in jail and situation of his death, with some going as far as to claim on social media that it was done to silence his work.

At the time of his death, he was survived by 17 children and his maternal grandfather from Haiti.

His Legacy

Dr. Sebi is a brother, not a healer.  Dr. Sebi often talked about how only women could be healers and never liked for others to call him a healer  He left enough educational tapes, interviews and documents to help his followers continue his legacy.  In fact after his death his name and protocols and products grew like wildfire.

Many new stores opened and websites too to promote his claims and his healing modalities.  I personally opened a website called The Mucusless Diet.  I was amazed at the possibilities of being cured of my near death symptoms.  After going on 3 fasts and an alkaline diet I was able to cure many things wrong with me and drop 45 pounds.  I personally found that his program was not a sham as many claimed and was indeed healing.

I went on to open a Face Book Group called The Dr. Sebi Mucusless-Diet Group that grew like wildfire. 

The American Cancer Society Finally Admits That Chemo and Radiology Does Not Cure Cancer

The more radiation therapy you receive, the more likely it is you'll develop a second cancer caused by that radiation, according to a document[PDF] released by the American Cancer Society, which admits that certain organs such as the breast and thyroid are more prone to developing a second cancer.

This information is followed by a new study which found that second cancers in Americans have increased a whopping 300 percent since the 1970s, all of which are a completely new type of cancer and not a reoccurrence of an old cancer.

The study also found that first cancers have spiked 70 percent over the last 45 years, highlighting the burgeoning profitability of an industry that shows no signs of slowing down as capital gains from cancer drugs reached the $100 billion mark last year.

Radiation, which may damage DNA, is believed to be responsible for 1.5 percent of cancer in the United States, and that's not just from cancer therapy treatments but also from other sources of radiological imaging such as mammograms and coronary artery and CT scans, the latter of which delivers 100 to 500 times the radiation of an ordinary X-ray.

"For every 1,000 people undergoing a cardiac CT scan, the radiation adds one extra case of cancer to the 420 that would normally occur," according to The New York Times.

Children exposed to radiation much more likely to develop breast cancer 

Children who have received radiation therapy as a cancer treatment are much more likely to develop breast cancer later on in life. Age at the time of radiation plays a factor as the "therapy" affects the development of other tumors including lung and thyroid cancer, gastrointestinal and stomach cancer and bone sarcoma.

If a patient receives chemotherapy and radiation, their risk for developing some type of second cancer soars even higher.

Chemotherapy is actually considered a greater risk factor in causing leukemia than radiation and has been linked to the following second cancers:  myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS, the most common) acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Testicular cancer has also been linked to chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy increases the risk of developing hard-to-treat leukemia

The alkylating agents in chemo drugs are to blame, as they interfere with cellular DNA, sometimes causing the development of AML and MDS, which may then progress to ALL.

Some alkylating agents known to cause cancer include:

 • mechlorethamine
• chlorambucil
• cyclophosphamide (cytoxan)
• melphalan,
• lomustine (CCNU)
• carmustine (BCNU)
• busulfan

 The longer you receive treatment involving alkylating agents, as well as the higher the dose, the more likely you are to develop a second cancer, with the risk for leukemia rising about two years following treatment and peaking between five and ten years, after which the risk reportedly dwindles.

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Nigella Sativa - Cancer's Worst Enemy to Date

 Much to the dismay of many pharmaceutical giants and doctors who reap big rebate checks from recommending chemotherapy treatments, Nigella sativa has been proven over and over again to successfully treat cancer without the use of conventional treatments. Nigella sativa has been shown to be effective against numerous cancers, such as pancreatic, colon, prostate, breast and even brain cancers. Indeed, Nigella sativa is cancer's worst nightmare and a ray of hope for people who may have died otherwise.

Statistics show that the success rates of people using chemotherapy over a five year period is only 2.1 percent. Nigella sativa on the other hand was proven to annihilate pancreatic tumor cells at the rate of 80 percent. Chemotherapy has many side effects and one of the side effects is the possibility of secondary cancers. Secondary cancers are very aggressive and may occur from tumor reseeding.

Nigella sativa not only rebuilds the immune system and destroys cancer cells; it reinforces the good cells to fight the cancer. Needless to say, it is imperative to treat the cancer patient immediately or in the early stages if possible. Along with taking the oil, a cancer diet must be followed. Sugar, processed foods and white flours only feed the cancer and make the cancer fight much more difficult.

Cancer studies and Nigella sativa

Presently, there are 462 published studies on the efficacy of Nigella sativa. ( There have been multiple studies on the effect of Nigella sativa and its anti-tumor capabilities. In 1997, at the Cancer Research Facility at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Nigella sativa was proven to have enormous capabilities in tumor cell death.

1). Pancreatic cancer: A study was done at Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson and the researchers found that by adding Nigella sativa, 80 percent of pancreatic cancer cells were destroyed. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in America with a four percent survival rate after five years using conventional treatments. (

2). Colon cancer: In 2010, a research project was conducted in Tanta, Egypt on the use of Nigella sativa against colon cancer in rats. Nigella sativa greatly reduced the size of the tumors and also reduced the tumors in the lungs and alimentary canals. (

3). Breast cancer: In 2003, researchers from Jackson State University in the U.S. tested Nigella sativa on breast cancer cells. Ending results showed promising advances in the treatment of breast cancer. (

There are many success stories using Nigella sativa against cancer and how each protocol worked for that individual, such as the boy who took nine capsules a day of the black cumin oil (Nigella sativa) for brain cancer.

Nigella sativa cancer protocol

The Nigella sativa cancer protocol is quite simple and very effective. Take three teaspoons of the oil a day mixed with half a teaspoon of raw honey or freshly squeezed juice. Take the first dosage half an hour before breakfast, the second one in the afternoon and the third dosage before going to bed.

An alternative dosage protocol is to use ground, heated seeds once a day and the oil twice a day. Simply mix the ground seeds with raw honey and eat as you would any sweet treat.

To follow the detailed and complete protocol for Nigella sativa and black cumin: Black Cumin Protocol for Cancer

Where to Find the Best Products for Cancer: My Organics Products

Sources for this article include:

My Complete Black Cumin Cancer Protocol

The Black Cumin Protocol for Cancer

Nigella sativa, also known as black cumin, black seed, kalonji and haba al-barakah (Arabic name) has been proven with countless peer reviews to effectively treat cancer. There have been more than 450 peer reviews in the past 40 years for a wide range of diseases, such as diabetes, MS, Alzheimer’s disease, hepatitis C and more. Originally, Nigella sativa was used to treat migraines and allergies, but recent discoveries have shown that this little black seed is effective in destroying cancer cells.

Researchers at Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson showed that Nigella sativa could cause cell death when used against pancreatic tumor cells. The results showed an 80 percent success rate. This study on pancreatic tumor cells was only the beginning to many future studies on the effect of Nigella sativa against cancer.

According to Hwyda Arafat, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of Surgery at College of Thomas Jefferson University, "Nigella sativa helps treat a broad array of diseases, including some immune and inflammatory disorders. Previous studies also have shown anticancer activity in prostate and colon cancers, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects."

The studies showed potential positive results with prostate and colon cancers. Breast cancer has also been studied in separate research showing the ability to eradicate cancer cells and provide excellent health for many women worldwide.

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