The Cost of Cancer - Part I - The Tony Isaac's Anti-Cancer Protocol

Cancer is a big business for the pharmaceutical giants and more and more people are dying from using chemotherapy and radiology.  

There is a 2% success rate over a 5 year period and thus many are looking for alternative cancer healing protocols.  This is part I of a series investigating natural protocols available for healing, whether with cancer, HIV or heart disease.  My first review is on the Tony Isaacs Anti-Cancer Protocol using the Oleander Soup.  

Tony Isaacs is a good writer and health spokesperson and an avid researcher.  He writes occasionally for Natural News and regularly for Align Life.  He has a baby boomer website called TheBest Years in Life and besides the massive amounts of ads, the website is full of viable information on natural remedies, health and pets. 

He also wrote a book called, "
Cancer's Natural Enemy" which is all about the oleander soup protocol and is full of cancer prevention tips.  

Oleander for Cancer - Good or Bad

If you talk to Isaacs, he will swear on his Mother's grave that Oleander is safe and perfect for cancer. The main part of his protocol has to be done with the use of the highly poisonous flower, oleander.  

According to Isaacs if processed correctly, the poison leaves.  Oh THANK GOD!  The rest of his protocol has to do with a large amount of supplements and the Budwig Cancer Protocol.

According to the company, "This product is intended solely as a food supplement to enhance general health, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease." DAAA -

 I do question the validity or need for oleander in any cancer protocol.  If the oleander product sold by Sutherlandia OPC is so valuable at a cost of $60 a bottle, why does Isaacs ask you to buy so many other supplements, oils and products and suggests you also do the Budwig Cancer Protocol? 

He also suggests you to take Nigella sativa, black cumin (proven to cure cancer in many educational studies)?  In fact there are more than 250 studies on the oil (black cumin).

Oleander Plant is Poisonous and Dangerous

So if the plant itself is so deadly, then why would anyone want to use it for cancer and maybe make a mistake? Isaacs does offer a way to make the soup yourself, but no one in their right mind would want to do that,  According to the Cancer Tutor website - you should never make the soup
"UNLESS" you cannot afford the cost of the capsules.

Hint: Can't afford Oleander Capsules, then how about Nigella Sativa Capsules? $13.45 for 90 Capsules - A lot cheaper than $60. 

Here is what WebMD states, " Oleander is UNSAFE for anyone to take by mouth. It can cause a burning sensation in the mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, headache, stomach pain, serious heart problems, and many other side effects. Taking the oleander leaf, oleander leaf tea, or oleander seeds has led to deadly poisonings."

According to American Cancer Society, which is not always the most reliable source of information on natural remedies for cancer, "There is no established therapeutic dose of oleander extract. The oleander leaf is on the Commission E (Germany's regulatory agency for herbs) list of unapproved herbs. This means that it is not recommended for use because it has not been proven to be safe or effective. The plant parts are toxic, whether cooked, raw, or made into tea.

An injectable oleander extract with the brand name of Anvirzel was available at one time, but it has not been approved for marketing by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In March 2000, the FDA warned Anvirzel’s manufacturers to stop promoting the product as safe and effective after it found misleading information on their Web site. 

The FDA noted that claims were being made based on preliminary and inconclusive data. A company cannot claim a drug is safe and effective unless it has been fully tested and shown to be so." 

The Olive Press states, "Beautiful it may be, but oleander is an incredibly poisonous plant and contains numerous toxic compounds, many of which can be deadly to people – especially young children. The toxins include oleandrin and neriine, which affect the heart, and the bark contains rosagenin, which acts in a similar way to strychnine.

The entire plant including the sap is harmful. Even after drying, the leaves are still dangerous. A single leaf holds enough poison to kill a small child. In the past crushed, dried leaves mixed with stale bread have been used as a very effective rat poison.

Animals that mistakenly eat this plant often die within a few days. Clippings and prunings are particularly dangerous to animals because they are sweet to the taste."

Note: Please note that Isaacs does specify the plant is dangerous and recommends you buy from a reliable source, Sutherlandia OPC. There have been numerous battles attempts to get Oleander taken off the market, but to date it is available.

Cost of Tony Isaacs's Program

Isaacs advertises his program as being one of the least expensive cancer protocols to take, but is it really? Isaacs states that you can order the oleander for $60 a month, but again is this the truth?  

Tony's protocol plainly states, "Dosage: The Sutherlandia OPC supplement comes in either an extract or capsule version and instructions normally call for five to 25 ml of extract three times daily or 3 to 9 capsules daily in divided doses, depending on the stage and aggressiveness of one's cancer."

So if 60 capsules from Southerlandia OPC costs $60 plus shipping, then how much does 3 times that amount cost? Isaacs states that you should start out with 3 a day and gradually increase. Here is his exact quote, "Begin with small amounts and work up gradually to allow the body time to adjust."

So we are looking at $60 to $240 for the Oleander alone.  You can compare this to the Bill Henderson protocol that costs $225, but with Henderson's protocol it includes the supplements suggested. 

Tony Isaac's protocol includes much, much more than just oleander capsules.  Here is what he wants you to buy also and some he is affiliated with.

1.  N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
2.  Iodine -Isaacs says it is a must.
3.  Inositol/IP6
4.  A Good Calcium  and Magnesium Supplement
5.  Curcumin
6.  BloodTonic
7.  Cayenne Pepper tincture
8.  Black cumin oil
9.  RM-10, a proprietary blend
10.  Vitamin B-17
11.  ColloidalSilver
12.  Fucoidan, which is found in brown seaweed  
13.  Chaparral
14.  Bromelain
15.  Myrhh
16.  Pancreatic Enzymes/Digestive Enzymes

17.  Grapeseed Extract
18.  CoQ10
19.  Essiac tea -
20.  Pau d'arco -
21.  Andrographis - nettle leaf -  , bladderwrack - and black walnut hull 

And more, he states: "Make sure you have plenty of iodine, selenium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin D."  So iodine, magnesium, calcium with vitamin D3 is in my list above. So Tony wants you also to have vitamin C , selenium  and potassium .  Ok, Tony, let me add them to my list.

The total cost of Tony Isaac's program is not cheap.  His supplements and oils come to $615.88 and that could be needed monthly and lets not forget you have to add the cost of the oleander to this figure.    Now some of the supplements will last longer than one month. What is not included here is the budwig protocol items such as flax seed oil and seed.

Also what is not included here is a juicer, but all protocols need a good juicer. 

Disadvantages and Advantages of the Tony Isaacs Anti-Cancer Protocol 

According to, "Disadvantages: The major disadvantage of this protocol is that it is not strong enough for very advanced cancer patients who only have about a month to live. 

This protocol does not start working as quickly as some of the other protocols and those with about a month to live might be better off with the Cellect-Budwig Protocol or Cesium Chloride Protocol which start to work very quickly."

And yet Tony Isaacs States, "While oleander is regarded as one of the very best cancer fighters on the planet, including for Stage IV cancers, it usually does take time to gain the upper hand and help defeat cancer - and it is probably not the best choice, at least in the beginning, to use when no more than a couple of weeks or less time is estimated."

Advantages: Can be used with chemo and radiation. DAAA, how can you encourage chemo as an advantage of this product????

Very inexpensive. After years of research it is now a highly stable and very effective treatment. Very good support from multiple people on the Yahoo health group "Oleandersoup." 

How Does Cancer Tutor Explain the Misrepresentation of Tony Isaac's Program on their Website

I contacted Webster Kherr, owner of the largest cancer alternative website on the internet and asked him if he was aware that the Tony Isaacs protocol was incorrect and being misrepresented on his website?

 Mr. Kherr responded promptly and told me that he had not updated his information on that particular page in 2 to 3 years, but assured me this inaccuracy would be corrected.  He simply was posting this to help Tony on his website. 

 He further stated, "I don't rate his protocol very high so I do not stay on top of it." Cancertutor shows that you can cure cancer on Isaac's protocol for $60 per month, BUT you must buy his book. Yes, the old book scam!

So if the number one cancer website in the world states that Tony's protocol is not rated very high, daaaaaa, maybe you too should think about this.

Testimony Using Oleander and Budwig Program

To be fair to anyone considering Tony's program, let's look at one of his success stories posted on curezone.  This person has esophagus cancer.  Please note that the person is not cured of cancer and a true testimony involves a 5 year wellsness course.  But this is what they are doing.

5 teaspoons of oleander a day - That means $240 a month in oleander liquid plus shipping.
selenium  iodine , fish oil , vitamin C , vitamin D , B Complex , Cell Forte.

Plus they are doing the budwig daily which requires flax seed oil  and one bottle is not enough. You need two which will  and you need 3 pounds of flax seeds

This protocol does not include the quark or organic cottage cheese, the food or any extras such as a food steamer or juicer.  The above supplements and oleander come to $392.54. 

Note: Oleander comes in 200 ml bottles containing 40 teaspoons and costing $60 plus postage.  This means there is an 8 day supply, thus needing 4 bottles each month. Again why is Isaacs promoting advertisements that are false and misleading?

Oleander - The Tree of Hellfire - Islamic Belief 

I do not believe in the Oleander Soup remedy or protocol, but for others they may find this exactly what they are looking for.  As a Muslim, I cannot consume the oleander plant, as this is the same plant of the hellfire, called Zaqqoom.

Here is what the hadith (saying of Prophet Mohammad) has to say about the Oleander plant, which we know is highly dangerous and poisonous. “The Lord will speak with each one of you with no translator between the person and Him. He (a person) will look to his right, and he will only find what he had done. 

He will look to his left, and he will only find what he had done. He will look forward, and he will only find the Fire in front of his face. Therefore, seek safety from the Fire, even with half a date (that you give in charity).” (Al- Bukhari & Muslim), and, “If a drop of Zaqqoom (a tree that grows in Hellfire) is dropped on this Dunya (this world), it will spoil the lives of the people of the Dunya. So how about those whose food is from it?” (Ahmad, An-Nasai & Ibn Majah). 

Again read what it says, if one single drop of the Zaqqoom, Oleander Plant, is dropped on the Dunya, (this world) it will spoil the lives of the people of this world.  So how about those whose 'food' is from it?

For this reason I have never recommended or approved of this protocol.  

In my honest Opinion

Tony Isaacs goes into detail on cleansings, using a rife or Beck protocol, diet, exercise and suggests the above supplements.  If you did nothing more than to follow his diet, including the Budwig which he mentions, you would be well of cancer. 

If I wasn't Muslim would I endorse his protocol? Nope.  The dangers of the plant are too much for me to take a chance.  If you can get well drinking Nigella sativa three times a day with raw honey, why again do I need oleander capsules?  It is beyond me really.  

Tony Isaac's program is a misrepresentation of facts to sell his book.  I contacted his partner Luella May and asked her about the discrepancy and Isaacs never contacted Webster Kherr to correct this inaccuracy.  Only when I contacted the website was anything actually accomplished.  Kherr plainly states that he works 60 to 80 hours per week and correcting Tony's page was not high on his protocol.  

It is one thing to want to sell books, but another to be blatant about what it takes to be well.  People have been on his program for years.  Yes, I said years and although they are not dead, daaaa, they have not completely recovered.  When you are looking for a good program, look for one that cures, not just maintains.  There are reports of 10 people dying on the program, but those people may have come to them in late death stage and could not be saved by anyone.

So here is my very biased opinion and my 2 cents, as Tony would say. It appears Tony has placed every single herb and oil known to man to heal cancer in this article to cover his butt.  If you have a valid protocol, covering your butt is not necessary.  

Sorry Tony, but I must rate your protocol as one of the most expensive ways to heal cancer.  Nigella sativa and a raw diet protocol are the cheapest way to cure cancer, followed by Budwig, unless you are going to the Budwig Center for healing.  So far here is our list:

1.  Raw and Organic Lifestyle
2.  Nigella Sativa
3.  Johanna Budwig
4.  Bill Henderson
5.  Tony Isaacs Protocol
6.  Gerson Protocol

Nigella sativa has been well documented to cure cancer and especially pancreatic cancer. which is one of the hardest cancers to cure, so why in the blazes would I buy all those supplements, follow his diet, take a chance with oleander and buy the things he wants me to do and still have the same effect as with Nigella sativa?  Well guys,  I leave it all up to you. 

Stay Tuned for Part II of My "The Cost of Cancer" series.  I will be writing on the famous Johanna Budwig and her fabulous flax seed oil diet.  The Budwig diet is the 3rd cheapest cancer protocol on my list.  


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