Deceptive Websites Offering Life Saving Natural Cancer Treatments

Books of Knowledge or Deception
Cancer is a big business and it brings in tons of money to the author, doctor and website. Ask me? I write a lot on cancer to inform the public and to make money also. The CPC rates on cancer, especially Mesothelioma Cancer are very high.  

In fact the CPC rates on Mesothelioma Cancer are some of the highest ever next to mortgage, insurance and lending.  So it only makes sense that some natural cancer treatment websites resort to underhanded and illegal activities.

Recently I started reviewing the top stage IV natural cancer protocols. Read: Stage IV Natural Protocols

The more I delved into these protocols, mine included on Nigella sativa, the more I found deception, trickery and outright inefficient treatments.  At first I wondered if this was just one or two of the programs, but then I started seeing  a pattern and even some of the largest websites ever on natural medicines and their recommendations showed faulty information. 

I have based my protocols on government studies and known remedies for years and yet new protocols were popping up promising people to be healed of cancer, if you only buy this book.  People would set up a Face Book page or a Yahoo group and convince thousands that their miracle drug was the perfect solution.  I began to question how people could be gaulible and their was only one reason for this.  People wanted to live.

Natural Cancer Protocols with Flaws

I saw a pattern involved in these protocols which did not make sense.  Some wanted to list every supplement in the world to cover all bases, like the Tony Isaacs Protocol and some wanted to list as few as possible like the Bill Henderson Protocol.   Some wanted to sell you a book and some did not want to talk to you at all about questions on the protocol, unless you paid for their counselling.

I saw some supplements suggested with no mention of side effects like in the use of Beta Glucan suggested by Bill Henderson and Ty Bollinger of Cancer -- Step Away from the Box and then I even saw one very angry poster on the internet today who posted Ty Bollinger's entire $30 book for free. Ty now lives in Canada I understand to avoid persecution and I began to wonder if the person posting his book for free was a government entity?

I have seen some cancer books with 400 or more high ratings that were not near as good as some lesser priced protocols and I have seen high priced supplements being sold that could have cost people to mortgage their home.  In the end was fear, greed or stupidity driving the nation of natural suppliers?

I also began to realize that cancer is a big time business and every time we convince you to go natural, another bottle of chemotherapy sits on the shelf that could have been sold for a few hundred thousand dollars. So we have some not so happy "fat cats" getting thinner.

So the medical mafia goes into action and some of the best protocols are no longer available or destroyed just for the pure sport of succeeding. How does the Medical Mafia scare you into complying with their demands?

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How Do You know the Truth About Cancer Protocols?

When you are choosing a protocol you must choose the one that best fits your needs.  I don't like oleander, so will never use that, but I do like the supplemental program  

I like Budwig, but would never do Bill Henderson's protocol, due to him changing the Budwig program and his vastly insufficient supplemental program.  I do realize Mr. Henderson wants to be the cheapest protocol on the stage IV circuit, but I have enough knowledge to realize that stage IV cancers need to be attacked with a vengeance.  So how do you choose a program that will not fail?

1.  Knowledge.  You cannot choose a cancer program based on a few top selling books.  I have read many testimonies where people chose the top selling books and combined the protocols and walah they are born again cancer survivors. DAAAAA! You need to read case studies and government ones on the success of a program.

There was a study done on Bill Henderson's protocol which showed he had a 12% success rate, but he claims he has a very high percentage with helping more than 8000 people recover.  The study stated positively that Bill changed the Budwig program and this may be a reason for the failure.  

174 people out of 700 got to feeling better, 2 died, some got worse and 73 were healed.  Check the facts before choosing.  Bill's program has the cheapest cost, but in my opinion they are not sufficient.  He does list a large amount of other supplements at the bottom of his protocol, so it appears that his supplemental program is the cheapest.

The Tony Isaacs Protocol shows an 85 to 95% success rate, but when you look at the testimonies, you find there are less than 10% reported cured.  Now it is possible some were cured and never reported? Daaaa if I was cured of cancer, I would want to scream it to the roof.  Tony Isaac's supplements come to $618 a month, plus the oleander at a cost averaging $200 per month for a total close to $1000 a month if you include the Budwig supplies he suggests. 

Ty Bollinger is an accountant with no real medical background and his book contains a lot of pretty photos and tons of information on medical mafia, but information on cancer diets and fitness are lacking.  I found the Tony Isaacs book to be more informative on how to be well of cancer with his indepth talk on what causes cancers and how to change.

The Budwig Center wants you to come for 3 weeks to their center at a cost of $15,000 plus air fare and expenses and when you leave you must buy their supplements. They have an abbreviated Budwig also.  You can do an at home program if your money is short with prices starting at $1200 to over $4000 and then you must buy additional supplements.

The Gerson Protocol seemed to be straight above the board, but was also the protocol with the lowest reported successes.  They claim they have a 50% success rate across all boards. The main prolems with their protocols is the difficulty involved.  Doing coffee enemas several times a day and so much juicing has forced many to fail on the program.  They are now requesting all who do the program to go to a supported facility.  They are also one of the most expensive protocols and a long list of supplements are required also.

2.  Don't Combine Lousy Protocols with Good Protocols.  Now combining Budwig with a protocol is not combining two protocols.  Almost all protocols, including mine, suggest Budwig. But what I don't like is an abbreviated Budwig or going against her principals, such as adding fish to the diet plan.  So don't use the oleander protocol and Bill Henderson's diet.  Choose one protocol that fits your needs 90% of the way.

3.  Consider the Costs.  When looking at total cost for any program, research the entire program and ask questions. My big fault with Bill Henderson Protocol is there is no way to contact the man.  You must sign up for his counseling sessions at a cost of $200 to ask any questions about the supplements or program.  So if you buy his book and pay for the counseling and then you discover the program is not for you?  Bill Henderson is a very rich guy.

I noticed on that the cost of cancer programs were not exactly what the true costs were.  According to the Tony Isaacs Protocol cost $60 per month and you must buy his book. The truth is the program cost nearly $1000 per month.

4, Ask for References.  The best way to find a successful protocol is by seeking the truth. Ask your neighbors, your friends, check the internet, watch the news, etc.  Don't decide on a protocol based on an ad selling a book with pretty pictures.

Which of the Top Programs Work the Best?

Well mine of course and it is the least expensive and has government studies, more than 250 to back up what I am saying. But lets look at some protocols based on my opinion.  Keep in mind that these articles are based on my very strict review process.

1.  Cheapest and Best Program:  Nigella Sativa - except if you have Stage IV cancer.  Then Nigella sativa can only improve the immune system.

2.  Best overall Program.  The Tony Isaacs Protocol minus the oleander.  I do not like oleander and cannot approve that.  His supplemental, diet, Budwig and of course he includes Nigella sativa, smart man as a total protocol costing around $700 per month without the oleander, Thank God!

3.  Second Cheapest Program for Stage I and Stage II - Bill Henderson's program is a good starter program but by far is not good for stage III and IV.  The only way to be successful on this program is with Bills Coaching program.

4.  Most Expensive Programs.  The Gerson Protocol and the Budwig Center are the most expensive programs,  but The Budwig Center does have the most expertise and comes with a very high tract record of success.  The owner of The Budwig Center was a personal friend to Dr. Budwig and has a ton of information to share. 

5.  The High Politics Book.  Although Ty Bollinger sold a lot of books, knowing about the medical mafia may help you choose to go natural,  it is definitely not my favorite book to choose a proper protocol.  Cancer patients need a set protocol, Bollinger's book list many treatments, but not a set protocol to follow.  His supplements are extremely expensive and most not even available at Amazon. Now who does not list their products at Amazon, lol.

All natural treatments are skimmed over with just a page or two of information and not enough details on diet and nutrition.  I did love Webster Kehr's analogy of curing all disease on his website.  His wife gets diabetes and he tells her "so."  He tells her to go to his website and learn how to be diabetes free.  I love that fact that his website is built on hard core faith.  Bravo Webster.

6.  Best Natural Website.  My favorite website in the past was, but I have not liked the inaccuracies I saw on some of these protocols.  It could be the owners of the protocols did not report accurately to the owners of the website, but either way in the end it is the responsibility of Cancer Tutor to check on the information supplied.

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There is no perfect protocol and no perfect lecturer or teacher of cancer. I have learned in my life that you live by your ethics and you die by your ethics. 

 I cannot say if my assessments are correct totally, only that they are my opinions and for me that is good enough.  I suggest that you take everything into account and like in Real Estate, don't sign with the first pretty face who shows you a lolly pop.