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I had heard my friend and client, Tony Isaacs, famed cancer author,speak of Ty Bollinger many times.  He told me how successful this man was at selling his book on Amazon with an amazing 100,000+ copies sold and selling at a rate unbelievable each month.  

I sell books on Amazon and feel happy if I reach 20 eBooks per month, but to hear of this man and his huge success was astounding.  I asked Tony to introduce me to him so I could learn his secret, but fate would grant that wish sooner than I had expected.

On March 12, 2012 I would hear Ty Bollinger speak on Rumor Mill Radio for the first time and learn more about this simple man with a dream.  He told about his parents and family members dying from cancer and he told of his passion to save the world.  Ty Bollinger was simple, he was likable and he was someone I wanted to know more.

I contacted Tony with an offer for Ty and his book.  I agreed to write a review in exchange for a free copy of the book.  Ty loved the ideal and sent me a copy of his book, Cancer - Step Outside the Box.   His book is in its 5th updated edition and is a must have for any natural health advocate.

I first went to Ty Bollinger's website to learn more about this simple man that I learned to admire on the radio show.   There you can find tons of information about cancer and wellness.  The first thing I did was signup for the free monthly newsletter.  I so wanted to learn more about how to cure cancer.  His reviews were fabulous and the raves were there.  People adored his book. The following review is from Bill Henderson, another cancer author I admire greatly.

Greatest Cancer Book I've Read,
Ty Bollinger taught me many things about cancer I didn't know. Coming from most people, this would be a mild compliment. Coming from me, it is somewhat more than that. You see, I have studied natural cancer treatments every day for the last eight years. I've written two books and 100 newsletters on the subject. I've given 25 workshops around the country on Beating Cancer-Gently. I "coach" about 10-12 people a week on the phone. They are people who have read one of my books. I coach them on the details of "what I would do if I were them."

Ty's research and writing are superb. He has collected all the data on the history of alternative cancer treatments and prepared this vital information for you in a very readable style. I will read this book a second time shortly to make sure I didn't miss anything. If you or a loved one have cancer, you MUST read this book. There is no other book which presents this subject in layman's language with the thoroughness of Ty's book.  Partial review only.  The rest can be found here

Who is Ty Bollinger?

Ty Bollinger is a happily married husband, the father of four wonderful children, devoted Christian, highly regarded book author, medical researcher, health freedom advocate, former competitive bodybuilder and also a certified public accountant. He also speaks frequently on television and radio shows worldwide promoting his message and writes for numerous magazines and websites.
Ty lost 7 close family members in the last 15 years due to cancer, including his mother and father.  He spent the last decade researching alternative cures and helping others realize that you do not have to experience the same tragedy that he did.  His motto on his website is "Cancer Does Not Have to Be a Death Sentence." His book Cancer - Step Outside the Box is a best seller based on his passion, his research and his love for humanity.

Cancer - Step Outside the Box Review

As a cancer researcher myself, I was hoping for tons of new information and tips on how to cure cancer.  I was impressed with his new revelation on the Rumor Mill Radio Show about Life One Life One, according to Ty is a super charged immune booster that has cured brain cancer patients and a product he fully endorses. He also believes that completely functioning immune systems can never have cancer. It is only when the immune system is compromised can there be a chance for this illness to attack the body and cause havoc.  

In the first pages of his book, he introduces us to his lovely family who he adores: his wife Charlene and his four lovely children: Brianna, Bryce, Tabitha and Charity. He shows us a part of himself and then he generously acknowledges the many people who have contributed and aided in the research of the book:
The book, Cancer - Step Outside the Box is dedicated to his mom and dad who he lost to cancer, Jerry Jean Bollinger Taylor and Charles Graham Bollinger.  He allows us to see his memories both past and present and then presents us with photos of his other lost family members.  Before long we are engrossed with his loss and enthused with his passion not to lose the ones that are near and dear to us all.

Forward by Webster Kehr

William Kehr is the exact example of what health should be about.  He starts out by talking about how his wife is diagnosed with Diabetes 2 and he says, “So what? The cure for type 2 diabetes is on my website, just go to my website.”  I had to laugh at this point due to the fact that this only emphasizes that all disease is curable with the right protocol, supplements and knowledge.

He goes into many beliefs I have about the toxicity of chemotherapy and how it should be totally avoided and that operations, in most cases will not be able to cure the cancer that has spread to other parts of the body.  What kills the person is the spreading of the tumors, not the original tumor itself.

The enemy is the Medical Mafia and Cancer Society's bent on persuading people not to use natural remedies.  There are big bucks in cancer and as long as the public is being milked of its hard earned dollars, you will never see a cure for cancer.

Alternative medicines can cure, treat and eliminate cancer successfully.  There are protocols that have been proven successful and you do have a right to live. Consider these factual statistics:
  • A true cure rate of 90% or more can easily be achieved by cancer patients who avoid orthodox medicine, go with alternative medicine first, and do their homework.
  • The true cure rate of orthodox medicine is 3% or less.
  •  95% of cancer patients who go with alternative cancer treatments have previously had the full orthodox treatment and have been sent home to die, meaning alternative medicine is handed a large number of cancer patients already in critical condition.
  • For those who wait to go with alternative cancer treatments until after they have been sent home to die, only a handful of the 300+ alternative cancer treatments are strong enough to give them a chance of survival.
  • But even for those rare people who do find one of those potent treatments (e.g. those who read this book), at best they only have a chance of survival of about 50%.

Introduction to Cancer - Step Outside the Box

One hundred years ago 1 out of 8 Americans were diagnosed with cancer; today 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer.  By the year 2020 1 out of 2 will have cancer.  Globally there are 10 million diagnosed with cancer and 7 million die from cancer.  

Within 15 years cancer rates across the globe will be up 50%.  It is time to wake up and smell the roses and realize that the conventional system is not working.  If 70% of cancer patients are dying (7 out of 10) then something needs to change.  It is time to save your families from an unnecessary death. This book is about how to live again after a cancer diagnosis.

The Most Eye Opening Book Since 1984

Ty Bollinger - author
Cancer - Step Outside the Box is being referred to as the "Most Eye Opening Book Since 1984" and Bollinger goes into detail about the medical mafia and how the "war on cancer" is nothing but a farce! His research will show you that $$$$ are what is keeping many of your loved ones from recovering and being cured.  Here is what you can look forward to in his book of almost 500 pages:
  • PART I - Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Profits, & the "Big 3" - Part I is all about the Medical Mafia and the Cancer Industry - Lies, propaganda and Greed and then he goes into toxic treatments. 
  • PART II - Biology Basics, Non-Toxic Treatments, Common Cancers & "Cachexia" Part II continues with Biology 101, non-toxic treatments, common cancers and dirty electricity.
  • PART III - Detox, Diet, Nutrition, Supplements, & GMO - Part III goes into detoxification, healthy foods, diet, foods to avoid and GMO.
  • PART IV - Facts, Fictions, & Frauds - Part IV contains Aspartame - Fluoride - Vaccinations - Mercury & Alzheimer's - Root Canals - Soy: the “Magic Bean”? - Codex Alimentarius.

You will Also See

Most important, you’ll learn how Bollinger's natural treatment works. You’ll discover how it painlessly eliminates the “secret cause” of cancer that worms its way into healthy cells and causes them to turn cancerous. This is great news, even if you never get cancer.   

You see, science has come up with startling proof that virtually all diseases of aging —arthritis, heart disease, even Alzheimer’s Disease, not just cancer— share this same “secret cause". It sneaks into cells like a thief in the night and steals away the nutrients your cells need to function. As a result, you get sick!

You’ll discover what you need to know to use it on your own for cancer in any stage. You’ll receive the exact protocol that Bollinger has shared with hundreds of cancer patients. Just imagine a world without cancer, a world without suffering and a new day.  

Does this sound like a commercial? Sorry, but I am so passionate about this book that I want to share it with you to a point that you will get his message.  You Do Have a Right to Live.  Don't suffer another day without purchasing this very informative book: Cancer -- Step Outside the Box.

Here are some reviews from people who purchased Cancer - Step Outside the Box

“Being a surgeon for over 38 years, and having reviewed many articles on cancer treatment
and having had the experience from medical school to the present day practice of medicine,
this book of Ty M. Bollinger clearly is a step outside the box … I highly recommend
Bollinger’s book to be a part of your everyday reading and pass it on to your loved ones.”
~ Dr. Ruben T. Ong, MD, New Jersey, USA

“I was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. Ty’s book gave me hope, and it encouraged
me that cancer does not have to be a death sentence. This manual became so precious – I
thank God for the wisdom in this book … My blood was tested … and the following day…
the oncologist said ‘Congratulations, you are cancer free’.” ~ Cobus Rudolph, South Africa

“…an excellent book, well written and researched, clear and concise explanations on how
alternative cancer cures work. A must for anyone considering alternative cures and
confused over what to choose and why.” ~ Dr. K.A. Halstead, MD, London, England

Exercise is a Part of all Cancer Protocols.  A Mini-Trampoline is the best exercise possible to move lymph and increase blood flow.  Read: Rebound on a trampoline to flow lymph and fight #disease